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Will of the People

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Montesquieu, one of the great political philosophers during the Era of Enlightenment (1700s), is credited with writing The Spirit of Laws, promoting the form of government used by the Founding Fathers to establish our national and state constitutions, a system employing a "separation of powers" featuring built-in checks and balances to, when properly operated, fulfill its destiny of enacting and protecting the Will of the People.

Too bad we no longer even try to properly operate it, for our current governments could care less about the Will of the People.

Baron de Montesquieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat (1689 - 1755) may have worked out this wonderful system of government from a study of Polybius the Greek (204 – 122 B.C.), who may have picked up some of its form from Moses as he moved the Hebrew masses out of 400 years of Egyptian bondage and through the Wilderness for 40 years.

At any rate, John Adams, Founding Father, picked up on all this wisdom from out of the pages of history and began promoting it, at first for his native Massachusetts, and later for the American Constitution. Initially, his allies in this promotion were numbered from little to none, but its merits were gradually grasped by our wise Founders and instituted far and wide into the American states and at the national capital.

Of course, we are well aware of our system composed of the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial, designed to operate with a constitutional control in the hands of each of these departments to prevent any usurpation of power by another department, or by an abusive administration, of the power granted to it (seen any of that lately?).

Failure to use these checks and balances, in our day, has resulted in the judiciary creating new laws, which they generally pass off as "interpreting" old laws. And...presidents have made thousands of new laws by issuing executive orders. Additionally, the legislative has imposed taxes on the people never contemplated by the Founders or the Constitution.

Another clear and present danger comes from international treaties being sneaked in, superseding our laws and Constitution...and with a buying-in-on United Nations authority and its edicts, in preference to our own laws. Some might call those people, who work to make these things come to pass, traitors. I, for one, coitainly do.

The solution must come by finding men and women who are in agreement with serving in government to enact and protect the Will of the People for a time.....and then getting out and back into the private sector.

The finding of these kind of willing public servants is one thing, but the running-for and getting-elected-to those offices is another indeed.

We have not seen these kind during our lifetime. It’s about time; long overdue. The current activism by regular, every-day, Tea-sippin’ citizens gives me hope.

May the Good Lord Yahweh bless us in our quest.

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