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Deceivers among us?

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William Horning


I am not talking about aliens here, but the deceivers among us are very alien to the American way of life, our Constitution and our freedoms. They pretend to be one of us, but in reality, they are something entirely different.

Through their constant appearance on and in the media, along with our desire for ease, we have allowed ourselves to have been put to sleep. William Casey, director, CIA in 1981 was quoted in an internal staff meeting saying, "We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

Guess what folks, we’re almost there! It’s not just the Certified Nutty Network (CNN) that is feeding you disinformation, propaganda, and brainwashing under the direction of the CIA sitting right in the studios of ABC, CBS, and of course, even the falsely beloved (by fooled conservatives) Fox, better known as Faux News. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Let’s quickly look at Glenn Beck, a supposed Libertarian and constitutionalist. Sorry folks, what you believe isn’t true. It’s Faux! Glenn Beck is a Neocon. He was FOR the P.A.T.R.I.O.T Act, FOR the $700 billion BAILOUT until Bush was out of the White House, he said he believed Ron Paul is a kooky guy with fringe supporters when Paul’s 2008 campaign was on a roll, he believes George Bush really cares about our soldiers while Bush joked about "the weapons of mass destruction gotta be there somewhere," he talks about the "New World Order" when he really works for it.

He is just getting you used to the terms. Beck even peddled the propaganda about the H1N1 vaccine on Fox at the same time he said he would not take it.

If he was telling you the real truth, he would not be allowed on the air since he is on a short chain. He tells you just enough to suck you in to his deception.

Ask him to explain how the Taliban has helicopters flying supplies and reinforcements into their camps in Afghanistan when the Taliban doesn’t have helicopters.

Besides, how do they get in and out when we control the skies? Where do they come from? Ask him to explain his fake crying he does on his show and his doing it on demand at a GQ Photo shoot for reporters. Flip, flop. What way is the wind blowing?

Glenn Beck’s 9-12 project is just to distract the real opposition to tyranny and get us to accept a police state to keep us safe. Wake up. Come out of your trance.

Check out the people you look up to as "leaders" in what ever group you are involved with (9-12, Tea Party, conservative, and any political party) and see if they really measure up to the right standards. Many of today’s leaders are trying to make us afraid of something. Why? Because only fear could cause many of us to consider giving up on supporting all the Constitution. The reality is, there is nothing for us to fear IF we support the Constitution. What are you allowing your "leaders" to do to you? Get down the rabbit hold and see what’s down there. It will be "alien" alright and you’ll know what to do when you get there.

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