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Okay, I’ll admit to not being easy on elected officials, especially those elected on the Republican ticket, but not without good reason. Simply said, they ain’t who the Republicans say they are on their written down (in black and white) Republican Party platform. Is that reason enough? They’re disingenuous, to put it mildly.

Admittedly, Democratic office-holders are as nasty and evil as they come, but they’re not at variance with their party platform (which is also nasty and evil), if that could somehow be construed as a plus. Maybe we could give them an F-plus on their report card.

But the Democrats have a major problem (in addition to being nasty and evil). In a number of Red States, Democrats somehow managed to get elected, becoming what’s known as a Blue Dog. B. Hussein needs Blue Dog votes to get his government take-over Obamacare passed in the Congress.

Therein lies the problem; politicians, no matter whether their stripe be D or R look primarily to being re-elected. Blue Dogs voting for Obamacare think they’ll face a genuine dilemma at the ballot box in Red States after voting for such radical legislation. They’re probably right in so-thinking.

I think that’s great. Now, if only Republican voters would become so discriminating…

Oh, it is somewhat of a mystery as to how Blue Dogs ever get elected in the first place in conservative (mostly Southern) Red States, but a lot of it probably has to do with Republicans being so disingenuous when they’re elected there.

This above all: to thine own self (and party platform) be true, Republican officeholder.

Unfortunately, at this time in history, most people desiring public office couldn’t care less as to which political party’s ticket they run on, just as long as they get elected. For instance, I suspect the huge Republican majority of officeholders here in Texas would be reversed if the demographics were reversed, but the faces would remain about the same.

So much for standing on principle…

There is a kicker: the Tea Party movement is full of principled people who are paying attention. Part of the reason for this movement is they’re getting good, accurate, timely information.

No, not from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC. And, not from the New York Times, Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, or Los Angeles Times. I encourage true Americans to boycott all of these.

But dependable information can be had on conservative talk radio, plus some Christian talk radio. Perhaps the best source of pertinent information comes from a myriad of excellent sites on the Internet and our emails, one to another, referencing them.

Of course, the Liberals in Washington and elsewhere would like to silence, tax, and regulate all of these sources out of business, restricting our input to Al Gore press releases and a continuation of Barry Hussein campaigning.

May we be eternally vigilant, not allowing our liberty to escape us. And, may Yahweh bless us abundantly in the effort.

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