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Are we watching the lid close?

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William Horning


While watching the vote on the health care bill in the House of Representatives Saturday evening, I thought "Am I watching the lid being closed on the coffin of the United States of America?" I realize our health care system is not what it should be due to government interference, but this is not the change we want. We need government out of health care. A lot of industry groups sold us out. These endorsements weren’t given for free. They were bought and paid for by Obama.

The AMA avoided a 21 percent pay cut for physicians, the AARP got a deal to make their insurance company more money, the drug industry got a limit on cuts in prescription drug costs, insurance companies get 40 million new potential customers, some church groups got health coverage for illegal alien members and conservative Democrats got a late deal restricting abortions so they would not vote with the Republicans against the bill. Now we face mandatory insurance or else fines and/or jail time for failure to buy a $15,000 health insurance plan. Is this a police state or what?

As bad as the health bill is (and we need to try hard to stop it in the Senate), on the horizon is a potentially much more dangerous event starting on Dec. 7 (how appropriate – Pearl Harbor Day) in Copenhagen. This meeting on Climate Change is really a sneak attack laying the foundation for a communist-style one-world government. Good-bye, Constitution! The treaty actually says "government" and it does not mention the words "ballot" or "vote" anywhere in the treaty language. I guess those activities are just old fashioned and we won’t need them in the future.

Why should we be worried about this or any potential treaty? Are you aware that Article VI of our Constitution states, "this Constitution, and the Laws of the United States …; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."

In the treaty, we would agree to take responsibility for the ills of backward and third world countries, compensate them for damages, lost resources, social losses, etc., all because we have a historical responsibility for causing climate change in the shared global carbon space since 1850. By signing the document, it appears we are accepting legal financial responsibility to support non-developed countries forever. Forever is a long time. Folks, this is all fraud, but if it is allowed to go into effect, the results will be very real.

Some figures show of the financial burden we would face ranges from $67-140 billion per year. Global enforcement of the treaty and the penalties for failure to follow it are covered in the document. Our liberty can not survive this attack. If this is signed, the lid would not just be on our coffin, but some nails will have been driven into it.

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