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Proof is in the pudding

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Congressman Joe Barton was interviewed recently by some local talk-show host or another. Don’t recall which one, probably Mr.Know-it-all, Mark Davis one morning last week. I listened but was not impressed by anything, as the topic was the so-called healthcare issue or debate, if you could call it that and if that is what it really is, which I do not think it is.

What is it then? Has it come to the point where anything Liberals bring up becomes the topic of the day or of the century, which this one is beginning to seem like? Barton is easy prey for falling into their traps.

I was almost to the point of turning it off, but stayed tuned in long enough to hear the congressman utter something to the effect that the Republicans in Congress would be coming out with their version of a healthcare proposal sometime soon. I turned it off.

Snap! I could almost hear the solid crack of the trap closing and it was "We the People" being caught in the trap. But it was the congressman and his Republican colleagues who had taken the bait, the bait being fooled into believing congress needs to do anything to change what is probably the best system of tending to one’s health needs IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

It’s called freedom of choice and does not require long periods of standing in line, as we currently often do at the Social Security office and post office, both being government initiated programs.

Sure, there are problems with certain aspects of American doctoring, nursing, hospitals, senior citizen care, insurance, etc., but many of those problems were borne out of government butting in somewhere back down the line.

At any rate, it seems Congressman Barton and his fellow Republicans up in Washington think they can come up with a kinder and gentler "healthcare" program for Amerika. They’re so easily manipulated, not by their constituents back home, but by Liberals in Washington and the world over, who are setting their agenda for them without their even knowing it.

Leave well-enough alone, Joe. Right-thinking Americans do not want another government program, one we will be forced to wait in line for, and one we certainly cannot afford.

But you can bet your bottom dollar, we will be getting Obamacare of one kind or another, probably before the year is out. The Liberals in Washington are determined to make it appear they give a hoot and a rotten, government run, so-called healthcare bill is how they’ll "prove it."

The running-behind-schedule inoculations for the Swine Flu, or whatever, is just one early indication of what we can expect by even more government butting in. But it will be much worse, more like the straw that will break the camel’s back.

A much simpler solution for all the fools clamoring for government-this and government-that, would be for all of them to simply move to France…or Britain…or just up the road to Canada (at government expense – it would be cheaper that way). There they can get all the big doses of socialism they ever desired while waiting in line for their socialized healthcare and probably dying young. Either that or hop a plane for the USA and get the world’s best real healthcare, upon arrival.

That’s what Canadians are presently doing.

Unfortunately, the Barton’s of the "representative government" world are in the majority, not only in Washington, but in Austin, and in the county seat, and virtually everywhere in governmental circles. Most of them have learned how to vote in such a manner as to appear to look good on conservative rating charts, or whatever, but as far as clearing off a spot and putting up one hell of a fight when it really matters, they’re as useless as teats on a boar hog.

The proof is in the pudding.

No Mr. Barton we do not want Obamacare and we do not want Bartoncare-Light either. We mostly just want to be left alone, except for those few enumerated things given government in the Constitution…before the Liberals and their judges got ahold of it.

By the way, Healthcare is not one of those enumerated things.

May Yahweh bless.

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