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Double standard in Red Oak

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Dear Editor and Chief of Police,

While attending a football game between Whitehouse and Red Oak this past Friday night my wife, who is the official photographer of the Whitehouse drill team, was on the field prior to the game taking photos.

The officer at the visitor’s side field entry gate made eye contact with my wife and asked her to see her press/field pass. Since we were not given passes prior to leaving Whitehouse, she was asked to leave the field which she did immediately. I need to say that this was embarrassing to my wife, but he was right, she did not have the coveted "Pass," this was well before the game.

When the drill team director got to the game and a pass was located and given to my wife, she went back to the field entry gate. Upon re-entry of the gate, the officer saw that she got a pass and made a sneering comment which my wife cannot remember the exact exchange, but the result spun her into the "defend yourself" mode.

My wife, now no longer embarrassed but down right mad, looked at the field where there were no less than three men (dads) calmly visiting just a few yards away on the field. My wife said. "What about their passes?" The officer said, "You’re right." Then he got the men’s attention and rather than asking to see their passes, he stated, "This lady wants to know where YOUR passes are?" What kind of spineless confrontational promoting crap is that? Is this what they are teaching at the police academy these days?

Avoid doing your job and pit one person against another? Or better yet, she is only a woman and since it is a man’s world she simply doesn’t count, and since I wear a badge, I can do what I want. Unbelievable! By the way, the men were never asked to produce passes, nor did they leave the field.

Now, when I caught wind of the story, we decided to leave the game, but not before I confronted this "protector of peace" (as long as he did not have to DO HIS JOB!)

I simply asked, "Why is there a double standard as to whom has to have a pass to enter the field?" The officer stated, "What?" I repeated the question and pointed out that there are many people on the field without passes. There were no less than 15 people that I saw that did not have the coveted "Pass." The officer stated, "Point out people that ‘YOU’ want removed from the field and I will remove them." This was stated in a very condescending tone.

So, per his request, I pointed at least one person (a male) that I knew did not have a pass. Rather than, once again just DOING HIS JOB even though he asked me to point people out, instead he asked if I didn’t like that person. I stated, "That had nothing to do with it." Again I asked, "I want to know why there is a double standard?"

Now he (the officer, a title certainly not deserved) began to be more confrontational and he asked if I wanted to be removed from the stadium. I stated, "I am leaving anyway, and I am not trying to be confrontational, I am simply asking why there is a double standard?"

I never got an answer to my question. But without asking the question, I already know that this cop is only drawing a paycheck from the city of Red Oak, is in love with the power that he gets to wield, and God forbid that he ever have to do his job when it REALLY matters, unless of coarse if the suspect is a small female. We have a name for people like this where I come from…

To the Chief of Police:

I am sure that you will pass this around and have a big laugh within the department. Or you will write me back explaining all of the meritorious awards that the officer in question has been given in the past in an attempt to show me how good of an officer he is. No need to do that, I experienced first hand what kind of cop he is.

I want you to know that I do have the utmost respect for police officers, the man that raised me was a police officer, and my cousin whom is like a brother, is also in the force. So before you ask, or attempt to pit me against all police officers…. NO, I don’t have anything against police officers.

Now we get to live in the same small town with the three dads that were pitted, by your officer, against my wife simply because your man would not do his job.

Tell your man, only three more days till payday.


Larry Collins


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