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Do we sit idly by and watch?

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Reports of a local assistant pastor admonishing the congregation, during his Sunday behind the pulpit, to obey authority whom (he said) God had established over them, raised a few eyebrows and a plethora of questions as to what do Biblical scriptures, such as Romans 13: 1 – 7 require of Americans under our form of government.

A more pointed question might be...just what and who was the pastor referring to in his sermon. Was this assistant unhappy with his people not being "sheeple" enough...or what?

I suspect this assistant pastor, whom I probably do not know nor have not met, had been overhearing a multitude of negative rumblings from some of his flock toward the new president and others currently occupying Washington. Some of his flock, for instance, might not have been agreeing nor satisfied with the direction taken by those powers inside the Beltway, certainly including those of the new president. They might have been comparing DC’s direction with what their Bible said and were speaking out.

Had this attitude rankled the assistant? Did the flock’s seeming independent spirit violate his theological seminary’s principles concerning Church and State? Maybe we all should meet and get to know this assistant pastor and find out for sure where he’s coming from, I do know this; sheeple we are not supposed to be. Blindly acquiescing to stances taken by officials, be it the king of the latrine, office of the president, Democrat, or Republican are to be looked at, examined and found to be in or out of accordance with state and national constitutions and responded to accordingly.

Don’t give me any of this ‘give them a chance’ rhetoric. That’s a lot of bull put out by shysters lining up their ducks for fools to adhere to in prelude to their chains being custom-fitted. Check them out, all of them, every day and every hour and if they be found wanting, do everything in your power to impeach or un-office the traitors, would-be or real. Hey, the other side (you know who I mean) wanted to and tried to impeach (even kill in some cases) Nixon, Reagan and Bush, without just cause. Though each of those presidents had their feet of clay (as do we all), their worst deeds never approached treason. They were, however, all politically incorrect to the wishes of the Beltway Crowd. Reagan in particular then as is Palin now.

A friend diagrammed governmental forms in the simplest way I’ve seen. Most all other countries of the world, throughout history, were operated on what could be described as a standard-pyramid principle, that is, with the point of the pyramid at the top, and a king, dictator, or traitor-type up there at the pinnacle, with the people occupying the broad base down below. Get the picture?

America, on the other hand, was originally established by (mostly) Godly, even Christian men who knew of this fatal flaw in governments set up by men throughout history around the world. Our founders, though, were brilliant men who desired to and did honor God and, through their founding efforts, formed a more perfect nation, a nation of sovereign states designated and operated on the "of, by, and for the people" principle.

On the other hand, our founder’s idea of government was illustrated by an upside-down pyramid. The king (or executive, legislative, and judicial) occupied the point, but that point was placed at the bottom, with the people still on the broad base, however, their broad base now occupied the top. Can you visualize the two diametrically opposed pyramids representing governments around the world in history, with the inverted one being America, the only nation in history having the people as king.

But there are always those lurking in shadows, awaiting their chance to knock off the king, even when the king is represented by "We the People." America has been no different in this respect. Traitors have been in abundance. They have tried to make us forget who we are and what position we occupy, even what constitutes a traitor. Sometimes those who try to change the who and what we are, are found occupying positions behind pulpits. Sometimes they are found in our institutions of education, certainly in the Media. They are always found in our nation’s political circles. We would do well to re-learn who we are and what position we should be occupying in our State and Nation, under God, of course. And, not only re-learn the who and what of our governmental positioning, but to be willing to learn how to, and to defend that lofty position with every fiber of our strength and with a boldness so rare these days. God allowed us a nation unlike any other in history, a nation where We the People are kings and where every home should be our personal castle. His nation of old cried out for a king and, though He knew there was a better way, they were allowed kings, to their eventual detriment and destruction.

Have we come to a point in our history where a minute’ majority foolishly cries out for and gets a king? Do we sit idly by and watch? God forbid! If we allow ignorance, liberalism, and all that goes with it to overtake us, who have we to blame, except ourselves, kings who will not occupy our thrones. May God help and then bless us.

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