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Independence Day

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History is replete with examples of business failures due to government help, aid, subsidies, hand-outs, what-have-you. Probably no greater example existed, up to now at least, than in the building of transcontinental railroads away back in the Nineteenth Century.

Actually, we may be currently witnessing, up close and personal, a repeat of history in this equation of government bailouts equals business failures. And, in my mind at least, many of the bailed-out entities had already gone bust prior to a single government dollar being handed out, but were given good money on top of bad due to, shall we say, close relationships and prior arrangements between the failed entities, certain governmental officials with the ability to effect bail-outs and International Bankers ...or the Federal Reserve, if you prefer. (Just a quick perusal of the Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin will explain all you ever suspected about the Federal Reserve.)

It would not be a bad bet if you wagered all of this bail-out/porkulous madness was already in the hopper in the form of prior planning or "understandings" before a single greenback sailed aimlessly into the long-ago and far-away from all of these flopped bail-outees.

Are you intimating Conspiracy might be playing a part in all of this, Simmons? Intimating might be a weak verb in this case. As evidence of this, LBJ is said to have said something to the effect that nothing ever happens by mistake in Washington. You could probably make a good bet on that.

Hey, promises had been made and had to be fulfilled. This, especially in the case of certain voter blocks. Labor unions and minorities of most every ilk come quickly to mind, white males excepted. It’s no secret Mid-term Elections will be quickly upon us and loyalties must be repaid...in advance and re-elections assured...also in advance. Doing payoffs in the trillions of dollars, therefore, has quickly developed in the cause of winning elections and no amount of moolah is too much for retaining power.

Actually, the multi-trillion dollar porkulous-bailulous is two pronged, the one horn for buying loyalty, especially loyalty votes from the poor, ignorant, and foolish, with the other (most important) horn making the super rich (International Banker Set) even richer and more powerful, using things like stock market manipulation, where Middle Class Americans lost their derrieres in the recent crash, done in by those selfsame bankers, using age-old procedures for stealing from the Middle Class and enriching themselves in the process.

But to the 1800’s railroad funding (early porkulous) came via the Pacific Railway Act of 1862. Lincoln’s armies had invaded and were in the South, there to assure a continued flow of Southern tariff revenue into Washington coffers, if his armies were ultimately victorious. The railway act, funded mostly with those Southern tariff dollars, provided for the laying of track by the Union Pacific and Central Pacific, the former heading west from Omaha and the latter going east from Sacramento, hopefully to connect at some juncture in-between, finally at Promontory Point, Utah on May 10, 1869.

Funded on a per-mile basis, parallel tracks were often laid, some using circuitous routes, simply for to obtain additional governmental pork dollars. Perverse incentives were introduced and mile upon mile of track was laid, paying little attention to quality and much more to quantity of miles laid; a typical government-funded mess.

One transcontinental railroad was built wholly with private funds, the Great Northern. Incidentally, the entire English railway system was built with private funds. But by the time of the 1893 economic downturn, most every transcontinental system went bankrupt, with one glaring exception, that of the privately funded Great Northern Railroad. Imagine that!

Due to some, if not all of the above, Americans from all stripes, though the poor, ignorant, and foolish remain scant in attendance at present, are supporting the Tea Party movement, first seen on Dec. 16, 1773 in Boston, then reappearing on April 15, 2009 all over America. Ellis County is having a repeat performance in Waxahachie on July 4.

A Tea Party float will be entered in the Crape Myrtle Festival and Parade on Independence Day (4th) in Waxahachie, followed by the Tea Party proper at the Chautaugua Auditorium in Getzendaner Memorial Park (behind Baylor Hospital) after the parade. Citizen-speakers will be heard and everyone is invited to participate with signs, attendance and a general support for the cause.

Word needs to be gotten out to come help in the float construction around 8 a.m. on the fourth somewhere in the float line-up on College Street. It should be easy to find and ridden on or marched along with during the parade. Signs on others of the various float entries supporting the Tea Party movement would be appreciated. Or you can simply come and join with us at the auditorium after the parade.

A packed picnic lunch would be nice for sitting down to once the Chautaugua Auditorium destination has been reached.

The time is right and ripe. May God bless.

Note. Chautaugua Auditorium opens up all around, has seating to accommodate 2,500, is shady inside, is equipped with ceiling fans throughout, and is designed with acoustics in mind. A seat is reserved for you with your name on it, figuratively speaking, of course and adequate parking is all around.

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