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Tap dancing, crawdaddin, crab-walking his way around the Middle East

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It appears Obama’s speech in Cairo was an attempt on his part to reach out to Muslims throughout the world.

Unfortunately his feel-good rhetoric and empty phrases arent likely to survive the test of time.

He had a receptive audience but failed to touch on those issues involving our common enemy.

For some reason he is reluctant to label Islamic extremists as Islamic extremists and instead preferred to call them violent extremists while glossing over the whole terrorism situation throughout the region.

These guys are a bigger threat to the Muslims in the Middle East than they are to us, but I guess he doesnt want to hurt someones feelings.

He had the perfect opportunity to specifically identify a common enemy to which we can all agree is dangerous to world safety, and he wasted the opportunity.

By downplaying the involvement of the Islamic extremists in the role of world terror he is in fact avoiding a hard truth.

It is important to him that the Islamic people understand we are not labeling all of Islam as terrorists, but he must understand no Islamic extremists should get a break here because of the good Muslims.

He was quick to call for new beginnings in U.S. and Muslims relations based on what he described as mutual interest and mutual respect while recognizing contributions made by Muslims throughout the world to the arts, sciences, philosophy and medicine.

He noted the need to protect religious freedoms and the rights of women in Islam.

What he didn’t do was more telling.

When he noted the success of Muslims, and others of all races and creeds in America he failed to emphasize their success was a result of our rule of law.

He didn’t mention the benefits associated with living in a free society with democratic checks and balances in government.

He also missed and continues to miss the point in the Israeli - Palestinian conflict.

His attempt to associate the Palestinians struggles with our own civil rights movements of the 60s shows his fundamental lack of experience and understanding in foreign policy.

Does anyone really believe the struggles of the minorities in the 60s is in any way close to the terrorist bombings of market places today.

Was Martin Luther King launching rockets into American cities daily?

Were the minorities seeking the destruction of America as Hamas is seeking the destruction of Israel?

I think not.

He believes he can treat Hamas as though they were just another legitimate form of government or political party. They are not.

They are a group of revolutionary Islamic extremists hell bent on the total destruction of Israel.

The pandering to the Muslim world on this issue is blatantly obvious.

He condemns,the actions of Israel in exercising their sovereign right to defend their citizens, yet neglects it was a response to Hamas and the Palestinians in sending missiles into Israel.

Israel’s response to acts of terrorism are not the problem in the Middle East, the fact that Hamas and Palestine cannot accept Israel’s right to exist is the problem.

He criticized the Bush Administrations decision to go to war in Iraq, yet he voted for it and supported it.

He also placed our negotiations with Iran in jeopardy by taking a soft stance on their nuclear weapons capabilities and even went so far as to admit a U.S. role in the overthrow of the Mossedegh regime in 1953.Way to go.

What else can you apologize for?

Sooner or later this guy is going to have to deal with the fact there are Islamic extremists out there acting as terrorist.

Sooner or later he is going to have to choose between speaking the truth on the issues versus pandering to the Muslims.

Enough with the apologies already.

Last time I checked we didn’t fly airplanes into their buildings and start this war.

Last time I checked we were the good guys, and those guys who like to blow up civilians, women, and children were the bad guys.

I wish Obama could stand up for our principles instead of those indoctrinated into him as a child through his Islamic teachings.

There is no need for an apology tour of the world.

We have nothing to apologize about and if the truth be spoken, the rest of the world should be apologizing to us.

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