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Its a sad state of affairs

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I have a very strong suspicion that if some of our Founding Fathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Mason, Benjamin Franklin or Patrick Henry came back to life today they would be dumbstruck and appalled at the sad state of our republic.

They would find a central government totally not in keeping with their vision of liberty and freedom; rather they’d find one moving rapidly to control every facet of its citizen’s lives. One that has taken over private industries, is micromanaging our financial system and swiftly moving to codify a nullification of some of our most cherished rights, namely the freedom of speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

They would find a central government that is moving to control most if not all the choices we have as far as what automobile we drive, at what temperature we set our central air conditioning, how much water we can use, what types of buildings we can build, placing ridiculous restrictions on businesses and their emissions, what activities can be pursued on so-called “wetlands,” what our groceries are packaged in so we can take them to our vehicles, mandate how much gasoline mileage our vehicles can get and the type of engine it must have, all in the name of saving the planet from its most virulent enemy: man.

They would find a government that stops economic development to prevent harm to some stupid fish, owl or rodent regardless of the cost to the livelihoods of the persons involved.

They would find governments restricting the rights of business owners to determine whether or not their businesses, created and financed by their own risk, can allow their customers to smoke.

They would find governments who actively move to restrict individuals’ ability to utilize their private property to suit their own needs but rather must comply with capricious restrictions and regulations such as how to park vehicles, offsets of other structures on the property and their relations to property lines, how tall outbuildings can be or of what materials they can be constructed. All this is done, of course, with the citizen’s best interests in mind. Government officials know these things best.

They would find a government populated by individuals who hate their country and blame it first for all the ills of mankind. They blame if for the firearms used in drug wars in another country, they blame it for an horrific attack killing thousands of our citizens, and they blame it for destroying the climate by being so successful.

They would find a citizenry more interested in what the government can give them that what they can do to further their own best interests. They would find a people who want free health care, free housing, free transportation, or a life of leisure at someone else’s expense. They would find a people totally apathetic with regards to liberty and freedom, but who are only interested in their own well-being.

They would find an occupant of the presidential residence who hates America badly, goes to foreign nations apologizing for our arrogance, who works actively against the best interests of his own people, who cozies up to the most despicable dictators and despots, who listens attentively to diatribes deriding his country without giving it a thought, who is not at war with terrorists but rather with his Republican fellow citizens, and who visualizes the enemy not as someone hunkering down in a cave somewhere plotting to kill us but someone who believes in the Constitution and reads the Bible while owning firearms.

They would find an occupant of the presidential residence who has, in the past, desired to spend more time with a radical, racist preacher who has preached hate for America, and an unrepentant terrorist who has such a hatred of America that he seeks to poison her youth against her.

They would find an occupant of the presidential residence who refuses to produce the appropriate documents to prove he is Constitutionally qualified to occupy a place that has seen so many patriotic men sleep there before him.

They would find an occupant of the presidential residence who is hell bent on destroying our ability to question our enemies, who is hell bent on closing a holding facility to appease his left-wing base and goofy foreigners, who releases documents that gives precise information about waterboarding and other hard line interrogation techniques then tells intelligence officers “Don’t be discouraged by what’s happened the last few weeks.” Who is he trying to kid?

They would find an occupant of the presidential residence who has excited the ambitions of America’s enemies because they realize the man is an easy mark that can be easily be taken advantage of. Many people claim he’s a genius, but in reality he’s someone who is working so hard against the best interests of his own people that he’s rapidly bringing about the destruction of his own country.

Yes, it is indeed a sad state of affairs in which we now find ourselves. When I was a kid this was a free country.

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