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North Korea needs a time out

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I have stated the obvious before, but here we go again. North Korea has now detonated another nuclear weapon in spite of all of the rhetoric from the rest of the world and in spite of all those harsh warnings from the United Nations.

Does anyone really believe that their leader, Kim Jon mentally Il, cares what the rest of the world thinks?

Does anyone really believe he is afraid of any repercussions at this point.

I have never understood how anyone could try to rationalize with an irrational person, and then fail to understand why the irrational person acted irrationally. Wake up people, this man is mentally defective and he has the bomb.

The question now turns to our illustrious commander in chief, oh my!

I am interested to see if this wannabe can actually step up and fill the shoes of the man he claims so much in common with, John F. Kennedy. I doubt it.

Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60’s? It was Kennedy who realized the immediate threat to our Nation and stood down Nikita Khrushchev/encyclopedia_761574624/Nikita_Khr ushchev.html and his attempt to place nukes on Cuba. President Kennedy didn’t travel to Russia and extend his hand in friendship to old Nikita; he didn’t establish a committee to determine if there were alternative decisions to be made; he didn’t try to work it out. He took decisive action against a threat to our survival and it worked.

According to Glen Kessler at the Washington Post, top officials in the Obama administration have only begun to grapple with those questions and have not reached any conclusions beyond seeking condemnation by the U.N. Security Council with "consequences," officials said yesterday.

Well, there you go. We have only begun to grapple with questions and not reached any conclusions, really?

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hit the phones urging a "strong, unified" approach from other nations while President Obama said the North was "deepening its own isolation and inviting stronger international pressure."

He vowed to "work with our friends and our allies to stand up to this behavior." I bet that just scared the hell out of old Kim Jung mentally Ill, dont you?

Russia and China joined in and scolded the North Korean nutjob, but don’t let that fool you. Russia is still not our ally and China has historically been more concerned about regional instability than worrying about whether North Korea has nukes.

Lets not forget who poured over the border in the Korean War to defend their neighbors to the south.

The Obama administration considered the problems with North Korea a result of our failure to engage them in dialog.

They thought we just needed to hold more discussions with old Kim and make him see the error of his ways.

Surely it must be that fact that we have not reached out to him in a kinder and softer manner.

What was the response you may ask...well, within the first few weeks of the Obama administration North Korea spurned the offer of direct talks and in April tested a long-range rocket.

Then when the United States led a U.N. Security Council effort to condemn the rocket test, North Korea angrily responded by suggesting it soon would test a nuclear weapon in order to strengthen its "deterrent." Are you getting this yet?

Remember during Obamas campaigning he wanted to engage North Korea more and even supported removing them from the terrorists lists. I don’t know what to say.

Now we are to understand the North Korea has offered to sell its nuclear technology to the highest bidder.

Does anyone think there may be some terrorist state with a little money to invest in a nuke?

And we are also told that Iran may be getting some of its technology or plutonium from that idiot in Venezuela, Chavez.

Well, there you go. Perhaps Obama can go and engage in more dialog with him also.

Unfortunately for Obama he inherited the North Korean problem just like every other president since the 1950’s. You can’t blame him for the problem, but you can hold him responsible for the outcome of his decisions.

It looks like he may have to use really, really, really strong language the next time or maybe try a time out or something.

All the while North Korea will continue to build its nuclear arsenal; Iran will continue to build its nuclear arsenal; and you can just bet old Hugo Chavez is down there just waiting on his chance to set off one of his own.

Perhaps we can form a committee to review potential actions and call for further review by senior officials in an effort to determine our next steps based on what Hillary Clinton suggests, or something like that!

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