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A history of presidents

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Do you have an uneasy feeling we might not have the period of grace with this administration as was afforded Americans in previous presidential terms?

Even though citizens suffered hits of varying degrees by inept chief executives throughout the 19th, 20th and early 21st centuries, this administration seems to have the makings of a Mt Vesuvius or The Big One (earthquake) at California’s San Andreas Fault…from which we may never recover.

Though President Woodrow Wilson (D 1913 – 1921) had the dour appearance and name with presidential-qualification seemingly written all over them, he looked dead in the water without the constant guidance of a certain Colonel Edward M. House.

Promising on the campaign trail to keep us out of the European War, Wilson ended up getting us into WWI, establishing a permanent federal progressive income tax, and a turning over of monetary responsibility to the Federal Reserve "System."

Big hits all, but America was able to rebound despite terrible war casualties, permanently higher taxes and private (national and international) banks assuming what should be Congressional and Treasury responsibilities.

A double-whammy came next with Big-Government proponents Herbert Hoover (R 1929 – 1933) and FDR (D 1933 – 1945) instituting one socialistic precept after another, including entry into another horribly escalating European war (European in its beginnings) and a huge expansion of central government (DC) intrusion into former state and individual-citizen liberties and responsibilities. Though Washington was expanding at warp speed on its earlier "progressive" intrusions into founding father principles, America was somehow able to bounce back despite repeated assaults on its foundations.

LBJ (D 1963 – 1969) could have stood for Larger, Bigger and Juggernaut-style government originating in the White House and Washington. If he could have, LBJ would have instituted more damage on a government of, by, and for the people than Wilson, Hoover and Roosevelt combined. As it was, his (mis)management of the Vietnam War, in combination with more and ever-larger socialistic domestic programs, made a massive hit reverberating, even now, throughout America but, in spite of that, we had bounce-back in us at his departure.

Richard Nixon (R 1969 – 1974) was probably emblematic of most Republican presidents from his administration to present, Ronald Reagan (RR) excluded. He was presented as a conservative, but instead of doing the things a real conservative should have done, he expanded federal power, reversing none of its previous power grabs.

The national press was on Nixon’s case from Day One, not so much for his conservative policies, but because he was perceived by America as a conservative…and the press, liberal animal that it was ( as it is presently) , wanted to convince America how bad conservatives and conservatism was for the country. America was hurt once again but RR was on the horizon.

Jimmy Carter (D 1977 – 1981) was and is (pardon the French) a fool. About the only thing he had right was in doing a pretty good impression of a Southerner in his speech. Like the Dixie Chicks though, I am ashamed to be from the same section of the country as he. Fools don’t know anything but socialism.

Reagan succeeded Carter for the next eight years, showing him how real chief executives should perform. Unfortunately, between a hostile press, a near-successful assignation attempt, his best cabinet members being forced out, and advancing age, Reagan couldn’t do enough to reverse America’s creeping socialism.

For an honest assessment of Bush I (R 1989 – 1993), read the paragraph on Richard Nixon.

Bill Clinton (D 1993 – 2001), though doing terrible damage to our foundations, could have hurt us beyond recognition and quite possibly wanted to change America’s face even the more, but those bimbos kept showing up, distracting Bill most terribly. He was quite humorous though; still is. Probably should have been a professional comedian; which he is.

For an assessment of Bush II (R 2001 – 2009), read the paragraph on Richard Nixon.

So you see this writer’s (dis)regard for nearly all American presidents in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Most of them tended to socialistic ideas rather than the excellent precepts set fourth by the founders and adhered to by the larger number of early administrations…up until Lincoln, that is.

But this current presidential administration led by a self-described black, though being half-white, by a man with suspect credentials of American citizenship, with a question as to whether he be loyal to Christianity or to Islam the more, a man with friends who seem to hate the America of our founders, a man who seems bent on completely destroying our foundations, once and for all and leading our country into membership with a One-World government…this president and his administration give me a very uneasy feeling that I’ve been unable to shake, so far.

Let us fervently pray about it, for God did not give us a spirit of fear…(2 Timothy 1:7). May God bless.

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