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It’s almost too easy finding problems with the current administration and the inexperienced, unqualified, uninformed commander in chief running the show.

It makes you wonder why this guy is given so many passes by mainstream media for his mistakes, gaffs, blunders and ineptitude.

I know that the Republican Party is paying attention.

I know most of us are watching in disbelief as the president makes his worldwide apologist tour, bowing down before Muslim leaders and begging for forgiveness.

What’s interesting is how, now, some of the Democrats are being forced to recognize how radical his interest and plans truly have become.

There have been several reversals on campaign promises, but not on those designed to punish our corporate leaders and producers.

Isn’t it great how Barak Hussain Obama can manipulate the media?

Isn’t it great how he can’t answer any of the hard questions...and how most of the hard questions aren’t being asked?

The recent episode with the horrible end-of-the-wold swine flu is a prime example of this administrations ability to misdirect attention.

This morning the Center for Disease Control released information stating that the closing of school districts and individual schools was not a good idea.

It seems it is ineffective in controlling this minor flu and could cause more problems than it solves.

Did you get that Fort Worth ISD?

I am all for disease control and we normally do a pretty good job on that.

This was never a cause for alarm.

This was a misdirection.

During the past two weeks have you seen any attention focused on our current economic situation?

The only discussion we were having in immigration revolved around whether we should close the border to keep out those pesky immigrants infected with Swine flu.

How much have we seen or heard about taxes; or the budget; or the deficit?

After being chastised about my articles on George Bush over the past few years by a Republican party chairperson I stated I believed I would be giving the Republicans a break after the presidential election. I was right.

I told my friend it was never about the Republican Party, it was about those people calling themselves Republicans and Conservatives.

Thanks to the Party’s actions over the past two terms we have lost our way as a party.

Hopefully we will find it again and not through bending to the left or center, but by convincing the center and left to bend towards the conservative right.

I intend to be one of this administration harshest critics and I intend to do it openly and with no quarter.

Lets get started with a few of the less than truthful statements and claims being made by the Democrats and the president.

The deficit. Obama states he has nothing to do with the current deficit, disclaiming any responsibility for the massive debt waiting on him on day one. Well, that isn’t exactly true is it?

It seems he and the Democrats who had control of the congress for the past two years had something to do with it.

It also seems president elect Barak backed and supported the Bush stimulus package making the deficit even deeper.

And lets not forget his four trillion dollar budget/stimulus package/bailouts that are higher than all prior national debts and deficits combined since the beginning of the country.

Keep in mind the Democrats not only supported the stimulus package proposed by Bush, they wanted to make it even bigger.

I guess they thought why not, if we win we can disown it as Bush’s, sorry, not going to happen in this column.

His claims he can cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term has caused many economists to wonder just where he will get not only the rabbit, but the hat to pull it from.

This guy makes some of the most outlandish statements of any prior president and no one challenges him on them.

I just want him to tell us how he will do it.

He claims enormous savings from preventive healthcare through his healthcare reform, but doesnt explain how the country can afford the costs of such a project yet also yield huge profits in doing so.

Are you starting to see the picture here?

He claims his recovery act has already saved or created more than 150,000 jobs.

Well, no it hasn’t.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. has lost more than 1.2 million jobs since he took office.

I know, I know, those pesky real numbers have a way of tripping up the flim-flam man don’t they?

Of course there is no way to currently calculate how his plan will work because HIS economists haven’t been able to come up with a way to count the jobs created by the stimulus bill yet, imagine that.

It’s that math thing again, it tends to be a problem when you just make things up without merit.

Watch for that creative and fuzzy math on this one.

What about those healthcare savings through prevention you may ask?

Well, we know Barak is determined to spend trillions on preventive healthcare if he gets his way.

What is the problem with that you may ask, it sounds like a sound principle? Well, actually it isn’t.

Once again he is running his mouth on feel good legislation which has curb appeal.

In reality, the New England Journal of Medicine cautioned that such statements are overreaching and not supported statistically.

It stated although some preventive measures do save money, the vast majority reviewed in the health economics literature do not. What?

Could it be those pesky facts supported by statistics again.

They keep this up and he will figure out a way to create a national office for statistical information...and it will be ran by a tax cheat.

In closing, less we forget, I am ending with a few personnel missteps by Barak during his searches for cabinet members.

1. Governor Bill Richardson is forced to bow out for Commerce secretary over a pay for play scandal.

2. Timothy Geithner, appointed as Treasury secretary is found to have income tax problems ( tax evasion issues to the rest of us).

3. Nancy Killefer, appointed as the performance czar, whatever the hell that is, withdraws after it is discovered that she didnt pay domestic help taxes for over a year.

4. Tom Daschle, Health and Human Services nominee withdraws over serious allegation of tax evasion and influence peddling.

5. Geithner appoints as chief of staff Mark Peterson, a former Goldman Sachs lobbyist to oversee the TARP program...so much for the no lobbyist nonsense.

6. Obama appoints Hilda Solis as acting Secretary of Labor, who was the treasurer of American Rights to Work, a labor lobbying group...again exposing his lack of commitment to reducing the influence of lobbyists.

7. Obama waives the lobbying rules, again, to appoint William Lynn, a lobbyist for a defense contractor, as deputy Defense secretary. Are you seeing the pattern?

Who else is paying attention? Who else is fed up already? I can assure you as we stand here today the liberals are afraid.

They are afraid of the public backlash to this outlandish behavior. The are afraid of the 300,000 + Americans who held their tea parties across the nation. They are afraid of a young lady from California who stood up for her principles when asked about homosexual marriage. Do you know how we can recognize their fear? They begin with the name calling and resort to ridicule.

The attack those great Americans who stand up for their freedoms and personal values.

Well, I say let them become even more fearful. It is time the true Conservatives stood up for their rights and freedoms, and we can start now by defending our actions as just, right, and honorable...and the liberal be damned.

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