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Tea Parties wont be enough

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Elected officials and higher echelons of the governmental bureaucracy, if a reading was taken of their resistance-quotient to the Establishment-environment, into which they’re daily exposed, would rate about zero. They buy-in to everything and end up buying just about anything. It gets expensive and highly regulatory.

Should their immunity to disease be as poor, they’d all currently have the Swine Flu.

Actually, those people do have a glaring immunity; they cannot hear nor, if they could listen, they cannot agree with the people whom they’re SUPPOSED to represent. It’s a fatal weakness, one totally unacceptable to the form of government given us by the founders.

This fatal flaw is so obvious as to be a giant wart on the nose of those supposedly in our employ. Not one elected official or top echelon bureaucrat, for instance, was seen at the two April 15 Tea Parties held on the very lawn of our county courthouse. Not one!

They not only cannot listen to their constituents, they do not want or desire to hear us. Quite the contrary, they only have ears for the Establishment and for the Bureaucracy.

So, we begin again. King George and the Parliament did not attend the original Boston Tea Party, nor were they invited and our current would-be kings are not invited to our current Tea Parties, unless they come to genuinely listen, which we shouldn’t count on.

When you get right down to the heart of the matter, our government’s inability, unwillingness really, to listen, to hear, and to understand just what kind of system they’re constrained to abide by, then you’ve hit on the reason for having Tea Parties in the first place.

Hopefully, those people who end up running for one public office or another and for whatever their reason may be, it might be wise on their part to begin learning the art of listening; of paying attention to "We The People," as they should have been doing all along.

If history is any indicator, Tea Parties won’t be enough once again. The original Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773 and was eventually followed by the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere on April 18, 1775, with the first shot of our War for Independence being fired the very next day, April 19, 1775.

So, from the Boston Tea Party to the first shot of our War for Independence was 490 days. As of today (Monday), we’ve already used up 20 days or a little over 4 percent of those 490 days.

Tea Parties are meant to be wake-up calls, not for regular Americans, but for those supposedly serving as public servants, along with their bureaucracy. As I’ve mentioned before, most current office holders were probably the first ones to sit down in our childhood games of Simon Says, so they are a little slow in catching on to trends and this Tea Party trend is a major one.

Let us hope and pray current officials are of a different bent than were King George and Parliament. They should be, for they are from among us, though so were the large numbers of Tories living among the patriots of the 1770’s.

These Tea Parties are certainly not about The Obama , though his Leftist actions in the first 100 days of his presidency certainly have added tea to the kettle. Let us hope and pray he gets over himself and responds properly to what American’s mean by their Tea Parties, though you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.

The first shots of America’s War for Independence came as a result of British General Gage dispatching a column of Redcoats to seize suspected guns at Concord, 16 miles distance from his Boston headquarters (an aggressive move on his part). History cannot ascertain whether the very first shot came from Massachusetts Militia or British Redcoats. One thing is clear, however; if General Gage had not sent the Redcoats, the first shot would not have been fired on that day.

There remains a small minority of Simon Says Sitters who would yet have our guns and some of them would not object to sending troops to do their dirty wishes, if they could. Of this we must remain fully aware.

The ideal thing, however, would be for our elected officials, a sizeable number of them, to arise, awaken, listen and hear once again the voices of "We the People." Hopefully, a proper doing-performance would immediately follow.

May God bless.

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