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Not funny, odd maybe!

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There was a grumpy old guy who contracted a life ending malady. He would have passed on if not for his loving wife. She kept him taking his medicine, eating the right food and getting the needed medical attention. He lived ten years longer than he should have, but finally he passed on. This left the loving woman nothing to do, so she passed on too. Since grumpiness is not a sin both arrived at the gates of heaven. They were met by an angel. True to his nature the grumpy old guy complained to the angel, "I don’t want to just sit on a cloud all day!" "No", the angel said, "over here is a table with all the finest food ever cooked, by the greatest cooks of all time." " Well, what else?" the old guy grumped. We have fishing, the finest boats. The greatest golf courses, where you can play with the greatest who ever played the game! We have every thing to watch or participate in." Not willing to quit when he was ahead, he turned to his wife and said, "See, if it wasn’t for you I could have been enjoying this ten years ago!"

I just turned seventy-five years old, I love the funny even odd stories, but I have a pretty good idea where each story is going. I have dreaded the election of the present group of people running the country into the ground. If I lived in another country I still wouldn’t laugh at America’s predicament. We really are too big to fail.But Like most things it is not impossible. Yes, the only thing stopping this country’s demise is our leaders are too stupid to accomplish their game of ending the greatest country the world has ever known!

It is like watching the three stooges, Harry, Nancy and the Obmanable snowman! They run congress like the keystone cops. They dash around looking for a microphone or a camera to glare into while threatening all of our lives and well being. Yes, Obmanable has no idea what he is saying unless he reads it on a teleprompter. Since that is so, who is writing the words the public is loving so much? When he speaks off the cuff, he gets confused, makes all kinds of mistakes, and insults to the intelligence of all Americans. We have made a grave mistake! Rather than electing HIM we should have elected his speech writer! I think the leaders of our country are trying to get us out of the war on terror. The trouble is, they just can’t figure out who to surrender too! Yes, little bird that is the way to end the war! Will you sit still and let the blood we have shed thru the years, the lives we have lost be thrown away, by a bunch of incompetent carpet baggers!! That is an old term you have forgotten.

There are other views, but this is JON’S VU!!!

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