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Whats wrong with the Democratic party

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Rodney Pat Ramsey

Attorney at Law

Ramsey Law Office

Republican or Democrat? Personally, I don’t care much for the extreme wings of either party. Both the far left and the far right are so far out of touch with the common man that neither should be allowed to participate in the process any longer. Unfortunately these extremists have taken control of both parties and as always, I am happy to discuss why I believe they are both wrong in their own twisted little ways. First, with the Democrats.

I was born in 1960 in Waxahachie, Texas. My parents were two of the best people who ever graced the face of this earth and both were also true-blue southern Democrats. My father, having been born in 1918, had seen the effects of the depression, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and so on. He had traveled with the civilian conservation corps, worked and plowed fields behind mule teams and served as a combat medic in the Army during WWII. By the time of my birth he and mom had already almost raised three other sons and then there was that accident, which turned out to be me.

By the time I was born there was change in the air. The 60s were defining times for civil rights, religion, freedom, war, peace and more. Our colleges and other institutions were becoming more and more openly liberal in their instruction and philosophy. Looking back I correlate all this with the hippies, remember the hippies? America was changing and so were the political parties.

I can recall that the Democratic Party during this time represented the little people, the blue-collar common man. They were fighting against big money, big corporations and tremendous power which fueled the Republican Party. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats claimed to be made up of the working class, individuals who did not believe their job was to create wealth for the corporate fat cats. The corporations were busy polluting our oceans and fresh water supplies; cutting down old growth forest; and monopolizing industry, all to increase profits, while the common man was barely existing above poverty level.

The Democrats had long claimed to be the party of reason and common sense, backed by millions of God-fearing Christian people, just like my parents and yours. Those Democrats were good, solid, hard working pillars of our communities. Today I doubt a single one would be able to identify with the psychotic minority that has taken control of the party.

The fundamental issues which provided the cornerstone of the party’s platform for many years have taken a back seat to challenges involving religion, personal freedoms and the eroding moral foundations of the country. Both parties have entered into the Politics of Religion and both are paying the price. In fact, this shift cost the Democrats Texas and more recently it costs the Republicans the Congress and the Presidency.

The far left has painted the Democrat party into a corner in which most Democrats are not comfortable. For an example, during the 2004 election year the grass roots religious right decided that the time had come for the people to define the term of marriage to mean the union between a man and a woman. Massachusetts had sanctioned the marriages of same sex partners (homosexuals) and the fight was on. The religious right put it to the ballot in eleven different states, and voters overwhelmingly and clearly demonstrated that marriage is between a man and a woman.

What was the response from the far left? Outrage and name-calling. They screamed that the voters in these states were homophobic. This could not be farther from the truth. Most voters in America have been raised with Christian values and refer back to the Bible for their moral teachings. In fact, I believe most Democrats would have said the same thing and most likely did just that at the polls.

According to my teachings, the Bible clearly defines marriage as being between a man and a woman and states that homosexuality is an abomination unto God. I don’t know what else needs to be said. I didnt believe we needed a constitutional amendment to get the job done when we already had laws on the books.

However, over the past three or four decades Americans have come to recognize that not all people fit into the definition of normal. It appears that a greater number of Americans might be willing to tolerate gay relationships, but they are not willing to accept gay marriage. I questioned the need for a constitutional amendment to prohibit such marriages, but I also recognized the fear of future judicial interference, or judicial activism in the family environment.

Do any of you actually believe that people like your parents, or mine, would have contested the religious right on the issue of gay marriage. I cannot see my mother and father protesting for gay marriage. My parents, just like the majority of the true Democrats would have found common ground in their Christian beliefs with the religious right in this regard, but the true Democrats were no longer in charge, the far left was.

Today, stating that you are a Democrat creates an image in most peoples minds that you are an atheist, pro-choice, supporter of gay rights who wants higher taxes and more entitlements. How sad is that? How sad it is that the very party that for years defended the common man has become his worst enemy.

Many Democrats are very religious people who claim the Bible forms the basis for their more liberal beliefs. Although I believe that the majority of the Democrats do not agree with the partys stances on homosexual marriage and abortion, the vocal minority has defined the party on these and other issues. The far left extremists are in charge. Where are all the Southern Democrats of old?

All of you have heard me use the term tolerance on many occasions, and I would like to separate my use of the term from the use by the Democratic Party. When I ask for tolerance I am asking for a return to reason, an abandonment of the current idiocy with a return to rational thought and common decency. I am sick of the hatred, prejudice and bias by both sides.

The far left envisions itself as deep thinkers and intellectuals. They will tell you that they know what is best for America and if you disagree you should be prepared to be called racist, redneck, homophobe, Neanderthal, Christian zealot, Nazi, or whatever other derogatory term they can throw at you. And what is the next thing they do after you have rejected their latest ridiculous stance or position? They scream for tolerance. Of course there is no more tolerance in the camp of the far left than there is in the far right. You’re either with ‘em or against em.

It is quite obvious to me that on a national level the Democratic Party has been taken over by the extreme left while the majority of the truly good people of the party have been pushed to the rear when it comes to the party platform.

I know for a fact the majority of the party has the same concerns as the rest of America. I submit that most Democrats are concerned with the same fundamental issues of terrorism, the environment, the economy, and family-related issues, but the powerful liberals of the left have silenced their voices.

Another example of how the party voice has changed can be found in the current view on increasing taxes on those the party considers rich, while passing a stellar deficit which endangers our very future. The Democratic Party of today believes that increasing our deficit while only raising taxes on the rich will solve all our problems. Let me just go ahead and say now, this approach is not the right answer.

Our society is a capitalist society that has increased our standard of living, not by raising taxes, but by creating an environment of free enterprise. When was the last time you heard anyone from the left suggest that a problem may be solved by utilization of the free enterprise marketplace? Democrats have been perceived as fiscally irresponsible by millions of Americans, and successfully labeled as such by the Republican conservatives Has anyone seen a fiscally responsible Democrats lately? Conversely, has anyone seen a fiscally responsible Republican Administration for the past eight years? Everyone takes a hit on this one...everyone was fiscally irresponsible...in both parties.

Unfortunately for the conservative Democrats in the Democratic Party, the leftist and liberal elitists of Hollywood have taken up the cause. How many times have we seen these bubble-headed actors make a stand on an issue, when we all know that they havent a clue about what goes on in the real world. Over and over again one of these stars or entertainers goes on an on until they embarrass themselves. One fine example is Michael Moore, who claims to make documentaries, but he is nothing more than a propagandist and misinformation specialist. These people do not represent the Democratic Party.

Personally, I believe that there are just as many good people left in the Democratic Party as there are in the Republican Party. Most Americans are people of reason regardless of their party affiliation. Which leads me to my final point.

If we want to see a change in our National political environment we need to see a change in the LOCAL political environment of Ellis County. I am sick and tired of candidates spewing the hot buttons of their party platforms. I really dont care what a commissioners stance may be on abortion. Odds are he isnt going to have one or perform one as county commissioner. I want to know that he is going to fix my bridges and roads and spend my money conservatively. Focus people, focus!

I want our local elected officials to serve the people of Ellis County, and not these two national parties bent on the destruction of our Republic . Our interest is in Ellis County. Our interest is ensuring those officials we elect perform for the voters of this county and this state.

If grassroots campaigns are such a major draw to the parties why don t we have grass roots campaigns to bring reason and CONSERVATIVE VALUES to our county. I want to hear what the candidate stands for and what they can do for my county.

Who knows, perhaps we can put a stop to those couple hundred people who make the decisions regarding who will win the next election. Perhaps the members of our local status quo groups will lose a little control, and who knows, the people may actually once again have control of their government.

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