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Okay, I admit it, 30 years of my life was spent in the employ of GM. Yep and up until recently, those years at General Motors Corporation were a source of pride, that is until it was brought out by The Obama Administration how GM’s executives had the unmitigated gall to fly around in corporate jets.

How dare they! Anybody who knows anything about how those aeroplanes pollute-up the skies, enlarge Al Gore’s ozone hole, bring on cataclysmic global warming and I don’t know what else, know they should be doing things like visiting their worldwide network of manufacturing plants via government designed (GD) electric cars.

Of course, for trips Downunder to their Australian plants, for instance, the GD electric cars would require some sort of flotation device, which is not entirely impossible that is, with the help of DC design experts. Why a quick little jaunt down to Melbourne could be knocked out in about the same time frame as Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation of the globe. Simple.And places like New York City and Boston would be saved from melting glacier runoff inundating their magnificent megatropolises.

Of course, The Obama had to walk a thin line in his critique of GM and Detroit for, on the one hand, those awful corporate jets were fair game, but the $70 and hour (or whatever) pay scale revelation might be construed as criticizing Union Labor. Corporate executives in jets might not lose The Obama a single vote, but Union criticism could cost him plenty. Perhaps the Union would eventually forgive him for, after all, The Obama was about saving the world.

Now to my main point and central thought (as if I had one).

America might not need for The Obama to save the world, that is, if "We the People" would wake up and begin again to trade with each other and do the right thing in our relations with each other. Not a simple thing, as we seem to have forgotten much of what got us here.

For example four-wheelers and the newer sidebyside utility vehicles have been tearing up Old Billy in our (and our neighbor’s) little creek, of late. Two situations come to mind: young people, when confronted, seem to more easily understand the idea of Private Property and when properly explained, respect that American tradition. Number two; know-it-all type adults wheeling about private property seem to have the strange idea that little creeks cannot be private property and have been known to run their mouth toward owners who don’t want them there, refusing to leave.

This is not driving friendly and COULD land them in the calaboose for criminal trespass (check with your friendly sheriff’s department).

As far as I can tell, 100 percent of four-wheelers and sidebyside utility vehicles all bear foreign nameplates.

It is realized how farmers, ranchers, hunters, and some businesses require these kinds of vehicles but, as play-things for young people (or argumentative adults), wouldn’t it make more sense to purchase something not requiring miles and miles of private creeks for one to invade? Why not buy some American manufactured and name-plated plaything instead? That would then fall under the category of Americans trading with one another and doing the right thing in our relations with each other.

Our offer to young people, even to smart-mouthed adults, has been to offer our creek for walking through, by foot or on horseback, but no motorized vehicles. Is this fair or not? Of course, to pass through our property on foot could also require the permission of dozens of other property owners lining both sides of the creek, up and down.

While we’re at it and I realize this is a sensitive subject for some people, Americans can go a long way in helping pull us out of the current mess we’re in (Ollie) by purchasing domestic nameplate automobiles, pickup trucks, tractors, etc.

If I were in the bumper-sticker business, one of the first products would be worded something like this: "Do Business with Me (GM, Ford, & Chrysler, for example) and I’ll Reciprocate By Doing Business with You" which is one of the long-worded reasons I’m not in the bumper-sticker business.

Note to state representatives, state workers, governor, whoever, working in State Capitol: Buy American vehicles with your taxpayer-funded salaries. I saw those luxury foreign vehicles parked all around your beautiful workplace on my recent visit there. Shame on you.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I don’t take it back. May God bless.

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