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Aw shucks . . . Im not proper. Well hush my mouth

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John Sulak


You know, I just love "hate" mail. I really do. It inspires me. You see, if everyone likes the cause your fightin’ then the cause is useless. If we all liked everything about each other then we wouldn’t need no dang causes. Right? You bet I’m right. Anyway, in several emails, this particular person showed, I assume, her, true self. She claimed my writing was not "proper." Da? Anyone who reads me, knows my writing is definitely not, in today’s terms, "proper." Heck, I even acknowledge that in my name, TH’ DUMB OL’ EAST TEXAS BOY. Now here is what she said, in just one of many emails, and I quote, "Will you just shut the xxxx up! No one gives a hot xxxx about what you think. You write like a child and make no sense." Kinda showed her true colors, huh? Oh, I did have to clean it up just a wee bit. Now where was I? Oh yeah, She is probably one of those spoiled lil’ darlin’s who likes to set on their veranda, sip expensive wine, read one of those ridiculous novels that no one, not even her, understands, all while listening to some "new age" coffee house music. You know th’ kind of folks I’m talkin’ about. They kinda drift in th’ wind surrounded by their own lil’ world without knowing th’ big picture. The kind, that when th’ poo poo hits th’ fan, will be seeking someone with principles, substance and values to protect them. Of course, they will think you owe them this protection because they are one of th’ "SPECIAL FOLKS."

So anyway, she caused me to talk about th’ word "proper." What does "proper" really mean? For instance, does "proper" mean you can’t eat a can of sardines and beans and a big ol’ chunk of onion? Would that not be "proper?" If you worked as a garbage person, would that not be "proper?" If your kiddos, wear "hand me downs," I guess that’s not "proper" either. Who is the "King or Queen of Proper?" I do not recall seeing their name in any newspaper. Could it be Paris Hilton? Or maybe Britney Spears? What about William Ayers? Could he be what we base "proper" on? It must be Bill Clinton? Yeah, he must be the Czar of Proper! Oh heck, I almost forgot about ol’ Barney Frank and his "association" with a male prostitute. Heck, he must be "proper!" I suppose you just have to be one of th’ "SPECIAL FOLKS" to really understand "proper." Yeah, th’ rest of us just ain’t in touch. Oh my gosh, I said "ain’t!" How could I be so improper? Darn, I hope y’all could understand what I meant.

So now let me tell you what this ol’ boy thinks "proper" really means. "Proper" to me means principled. It means you will stand your ground when times get hard. It means you will not sell yourself or your principles for a "fast buck." Yes, even if you are a ditch digger, you work hard to the best of your ability, you love and cherish your family and country, you teach your children "true" right from wrong, you believe in a creator and you despise corruption, graft, lies and real crimes, then you my friend, are "PROPER!" You are not one of th’ SPECIAL FOLKS!" You can take pride in that. You are a true American because you love America. You do not want to "use" America or Americans for your personal petty agendas. In fact, you could be called a "PROPER HERO!"

So yeah, by today’s "SPECIAL FOLKS" standards, I guess I’d have to say that I’m not "proper," and you know, it sure does feel good! So there ya have it. Just a few "improper" opinions from TH’ DUMB OL’ EAST TEXAS BOY!

Y’all have a good ‘un. Okay?

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