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Happy Independence Day Fellow Texicans!

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Have you had enough of change yet? Are you starting to feel a little worried that the Texas Independence we celebrate today is going by the wayside in favor of the government agencies that will tell you how to think, act, where to work, if you can drive (God forbid you ruin the environment) and what you do on your own property. Me too!

These stimulus bills are supposed to stimulate the economy and pull us out of the financial situation that our government (both Republican and Democrat) put us into. As I read the synopsis of these bills, I am struck by how none of these are programs or policies to improve our government oversight or methods of managing the economy. They are just payments to ideas, people and programs that I do not agree with.

It is just more pork barrel spending like what the Republicans did for eight years. My observation of the past several years of government is that tax, borrow, and spend doesn’t work. That is just what got us into this situation. To put it in a more down home way, we got here by putting a government monkey on our back. Now we are trying to solve it by saddling up with a government gorilla on our backs. I think it is immoral to saddle our children with a debt they cannot pay. I know we can’t afford this!

I talk to Democrats who tell me that the Republicans methods failed so I need to give Obama a chance. No, I do not. I see no difference. Basic economics tells me that as more of the National cash flows are redirected towards a central government for redistribution or for service of interest to foreign lenders, which leaves less cash for capital formation or wealth generation by the private sector. It is the private sector that creates wealth, not government. The way this is supposed to work is that in a recession households reduce consumption and increase savings.

The savings is what allows investors and business to start up new businesses, hire workers and create a first world economy. Stimulus should be a reduction or elimination of taxes on savings, Social Security, or income in both the private and business sector.

Renegotiation or elimination of our World Trade Organization treaties that give foreign manufacturers a 25 percent advantage over domestic manufacturing will bring manufacturing jobs back to the States and Texas.

That is how you work yourself out of a depression or recession. Obama is doing the same thing as FDR did in the 30’s. After 10 years of failure, he had to get us into a major war in order to get us out of a depression!

All of this could have been prevented by adherence to the Constitution. The Constitution does not allow for bills like the stimulus tragedy. I fear President Obama’s statement that the stimulus package will "eliminate the essential constraints placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution."

I fear President Obama’s repeal of the welfare reform of 1996. I fear President Obama’s plan to incentivize states to put more people on welfare. Today Republicans are horrified that Rush hopes Obama fails. Those Republicans are the same ones who got us into this mess.

It is time to put the Republicans and Democrats behind us and create a new political system. Borrow and print doesn’t work. It is going to take grass roots organizations like the Constitution party to turn this economy and country around. Just say no to Republican and Democrat spending and socialist ways. Write your Congressmen and President Obama. Don’t let those Texicans from the Alamo; Goliad & San Jacinto have died for nothing. We can get the change! Remember our heritage!


Bill Foster

Red Oak

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