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Freedom of Choice Act

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As regular readers will recall, both or all three of them, my regular reference to presidential candidate Obama, during campaign season, was Obama Lama Dingdong – a spin-off from a certain kind of music we teenagers listened to back in the 50’s.

The definition finally sticking to describe that certain kind of musical style was Doo Wop.

During the 50’s and early 60’s, at the peak of its popularity, the name for it had not yet developed and we generally knew the title of our favorites or just described the music as Rock and Roll.

One of my personal favorite groups doing Doo Wop was the Platters.

My friend Mickey loved Fats Domino and probably has every one of his recordings in his personal collection.

Mick does a pretty good impersonation of Fats, good enough to earn him the moniker Skinny Checker during our teenage years.

Fat’s real name is Antoine Dominique Domino and Mickey’s is David Michael Ferguson, a Five Points lad, during his growing-up years.

Anyway, a few columns back, I sort of "took back" my calling of The Obama as Obama Lama Dingdong during those two years of campaigning.

Actually, though some may have thought it unkind, I have come to think of it as too easy; too light, perhaps a misnomer.

Wikipedia says a Ding Dong is a hockey puck sized and shaped, black on the outside and white on the inside chocolate cake.

I don’t think The Obama claims to be white anywhere, in spite of the fact his mother and her ancestry were white, thus my former misnomer characterization.

On the other-hand, The Free Dictionary By Farlex has one definition of ding dong as a stupid or foolish person; - used in a deprecatory or contemptuous sense.

Closer, but no Cupie Doll.

The Obama certainly is not stupid; foolish – maybe, probably. Maybe worse than foolish; try evil.

Got a letter from Texas Right to Life last week.

Essentially, the letter was requesting financial help or a monetary pledge.

We’ve given to their cause before and are on their mailing list of donors.

They know their business which, fundamentally, is an ongoing effort to save the lives of unborn children.

Texas Right to Life says abortions in Texas have fallen by 14 percent since 1990, translating to more than 173,000 Texas unborn babies saved.

So, for whatever overall reasons, certainly Texas Right to Life has had a hand in this positive figure and they usually know precisely what they’re talking about in this field.

Thus, a blunt and startling statement in the second paragraph of said-letter caught my eye, though the conclusion itself did not.

Let me quote, "As you undoubtedly know, America just elected the most pro-abortion president our country has ever seen.

"He has promised he’ll push Congress to pass the ‘Freedom of Choice Act’ (FOCA) that will virtually guarantee universal, tax-funded abortion in Texas."

Texas Right to Life has taken on the job of trying to block this (evil) bill from ever getting to the floor of the Congress for a vote.

Of course, if it does make it to the floor for a vote, the Democrat majority will surely be able to pass it on to the president for his sure-signature.

Please take note that the current make-up of the Democrat Party, according to their very own party platform (though clouded with weasel-wording), ‘is pro-abort.

The Good Book (Holy Bible) is full of examples of cruel and evil rulers bent on killing (murdering) helpless babies.

King Herod, for example, fearing for his future throne, went on a baby-killing spree, in an effort to wipe out Jesus Christ.

It’s always about fear of some kind or another, isn’t it? Though I doubt The Obama fears for his throne in pushing for this bill’s passage, his fear is of another kind.

If he does not support strongly this measure, a large segment of his base will be very unhappy with him.

He surely fears that more than he fears the killing of babies, which he undoubtedly categorizes as something other than murder.

I guess we could put that brand of thinking under foolish AND evil.

So, rather than Obama Lama Ding Dong, I’ll stay with The Obama for the time-being, with the foolish and evil being understood.

May God bless.

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