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My advice to The Obama

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You may have heard that Rush Limbaugh offered to provide input to The Obama in order to increase the chance of having the right kind of success in his new WH job. I understand Rush’s offer was promptly rejected, as that brand of advice was evidently not the kind desired by the new leftest president.


Now, if Limbaugh had been headquartered in South Chicago rather than South Florida, who knows?

So, now I am offering The Obama MY advic and it matters not whether he desires my kind of advice or not. He will be getting it, nonetheless, under my Simply Speaking column on Page 2 of our very own Ellis County Press.

You know, he’s most likely a regular reader...(muffled chortles)

First of all, it would probably be proper to apologize for referring to you as Obama Lama Ding Dong in the long days of your campaign season. Those two years went by like lightning, didn’t they?

Since your face occupied practically the entire 24-hour news portion at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, etc., during those two years, it’s ever so surprising they’ve been able to replace those spellbinding hours. Of course, they have been able to do it by replacing your every move on the campaign trail with your current every move, now that they were able to catapult you into the presidency.

But I digress.

Being like yourself, Mr. Obama, my resume is chock-full of experience. Not being able to land a government job, like yourself, my most recent attempt at employment was at General Motors Corporation, the then largest manufacturing business in the world. That was 1963, away back in the last century.

During my 30 years in their employment as a reliability engineer (quality stuff), I still (vaguely) recall a number of visits from one of (now your) alphabet soup agencies, the EPA.

Hey, we were so glad to hear from them and learn of their impending visit. They were happy too, always reminding us they were from the government and were there to help. (We at GM were always able to choke back our muffled chortles)

But I digress, again.

Let’s get to the main course; my advice to you. Hey, why don’t we just go ahead and put the VP (old what’s his name), Nancy (with the lying eyes)Pelosi, Dirty Harry Reid, the three RINO* senators from Maine and Pennsylvania, throwing in Al Gore (for good measure) to be on the receiving end of this memo? *RINO - Republican in Name Only

First of all, stop payment on as much of the $800 billion so-called bail-out as possible. I know promises were made and delivery of votes is expensive but, hey, where else could they go, to the Republicans? (muffled chortle)

Return the unspent amount to the thin air from whence it was generated.

Number two; Instruct your alphabet soup agencies to get their noses, taxation and crippling regulations out of the private sector’s business so our own driven-out businesses can return to America from Communist China and the other assorted Third World nations to whence they were driven. Your intrusions ran them out, you know.

That action alone should easily take care of any unemployment problems here in the USA.

Thirdly, and back to number two, what in Sam Hill’s name do you people in Washington know about the private sector and how to run it anyway?

None of you ever had a real job there, so how could you know?

Play dominoes or something to pass the time.

It would make things easier for the rest of the country.

Be sure to invite the new (and old) treasurer, along with the Fed chairman to your domino game so’s they won’t have time to think-up other places to send billions and trillions of dollars whipped up out of thin air.

Let them win a few games to hold their interest.

Number Three, etc., to be continued.

May God bless.

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