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14 kids, unemployed and living with mom

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Well, I guess we can all sleep a little better at night now knowing that the woman who gave birth to octuplets, Nadya Suleman, is confident that she can love and care for them, and her other 6 young children even though she was struggling to feed her first six kids as an unemployed single mother.

Oh my God! Forgive me; I just passed out for a few seconds trying to keep my brain from exploding. The 33-year-old mother stated it was her choice to be a single parent. The eight babies turned two weeks old on Monday and are expected to remain at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, Calif., for several weeks.

NBC chief medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman estimated the total cost of delivery the infants and the medical care until they can leave the hospital to be between $1.5 and $3 million dollars.

When asked about the fact some people thought Suleman had the children in the hope of making money from the birth she replied, "Thats funny how untrue that is."

"Money? Money is necessary to raise children. But its paper. It is paper. To me, it is superfluous in contrast with the importance of my kids." Well there you go.

Now keep in mind that this happy new mother lives with her mom, is unemployed and receiving disability payments for an injury she received in a riot at a state mental hospital where she used to work. Did you get that? She is drawing disability payments and living with her mom. I guess she isnt too disabled to care for 14 kids, or is she? But that is not the real social issue here. The real issue is whether a human being should give birth to a litter or babies, and whether a doctor should be held accountable for participating in such a dastardly deed.

When asked how she would feed her children Suleman stated, "I will feed them, I will do the best I possibly can, and in my own way, in my own faith, I do believe wholeheartedly that God will provide in his own way." Well you might be right sister, but it wont be because he cares for your irresponsible butt. It will be because he is sad that many kids have an idiot for a mother.

Suleman stated that her desire to have a large family was the result of growing up an only child and always wanting siblings. She called her upbringing "dysfunctional"…well, DUH! She also stated that her previous six children have also been a product of in vitro fertilization. When asked about to what degree was this birth too much about her and not enough about the children she replied that she thought about that after the first six and didnt want to have too many more, but that she was going to use what was available.

Now keep in mind that children born in multiples are at a high risk for numerous physical and developmental disabilities, including cerebral palsy, but Suleman said her doctors made sure she was well aware of the dangers to herself and her children in carrying eight fetuses…but she did it anyway. I only hope and pray that one of these babies doesnt have to pay for the stupidity of their mother.

Apparently the Medical Board of California said last week it was looking into the matter to see if there were any violation of the standards of care for implanting so many embryos, (thats babies to you and me). The American Society of Reproductive Medicine states that their guidelines indicate that anyone under the age of 35 gets two embryos. (thats two and no more). I wonder if they take into account if the mother is disabled, unemployed, comes from a dysfunctional family, had six other kids she cant feed, and is relying on God to provide for them? I am passing out again, hold on.

I dont know how this can happen in a society in which so many children are neglected and abused on a daily basis. How is it a woman with obvious psychological issues and problems can be implanted with enough embryos (children to you and I) to deliver eight babies when she cant even feed the six she already has at home…and not even her own home, but her moms. This is not a millionaire heiress, royalty, or movie star. This is an unemployed simpleton who placed her own dysfunctional desires for a sibling in her own childhood above the health and safety of her own children. This is someone who admittedly cannot provide for her family. This is someone who admittedly cannot possibly pay the multimillion dollar hospital bill.

Guess who is paying the bill? Guess who will continue to pay the bills for these poor babies? I have no problem with large families. I have a pretty large one of my own, but I didnt have them all at once, and I certainly havent had to rely on Government assistance to provide for them. This whole situation calls for an immediate public outcry for change. Evidently, we as a society will have to take the reins on this sort of parental neglect and medical malpractice. No child deserves to be brought into a situation like this one. Just because it can be done most certainly doesnt mean it should be done and evidently we cant trust the medical community to prevent such a travesty in the future. Our prayers should go out to these children.

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