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Treat em like theys down home

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John Sulak


Okay! I know I talk a lot ‘bout this country and how we gonna fix it, but this time I’m gonna fool ya. Yes siree! I’m gonna talk about courtesy.

Ya see I was comin’ home from a business trip th’ other night and my wife called me ‘bout nine o’clock.

She knew I had to be gettin’ close to home and she asked me if I’d stop and get a few things.

I said, "Sure honey," bein’ th’ good husband I am...GRRRRRR!

Naw really, it wasn’t that bad.

Besides, I really do like her cookin’ and want to keep gettin’ it, if ya follow my reasonin’?

Well, I knew I’d pass a Wal-Mart on th’ way and I figured I’d stop there.

So I did.

Stop at Wal-Mart.

I walked through th’ doors and it was like this was th’ only store in th’ whole wide world with anything left to sell.

Folks were everywhere and they weren’t sittin’ still, they were flyin’!

I told myself, "look you only need a few things, get in a good frame of mind, and do it."

So off I went.

On th’ first isle a lady ran into th’ back of my foot. I turned around and she didn’t say a word. No sir! She just swiftly went right around me.

No I’m sorry, excuse me, are you okay, or nuthin’. I just shook my head in amazement and kept shoppin’.

Now when I was roundin’ th’ corner, a fella, with a little baby in his cart, ran right into me.

Oh, and it wasn’t one of those casual lil’ bumps.

No, he was flyin’ and seemed to care less if someone was just around th’ corner.

He did apologize though.

I once again just kinda went uh uh and shook my head.

Later, two teenage girls were chatting on their custom blinged up cell phones and ran right into me from behind.

I looked at them as they walked off and one said, "Whatever" and kept walking.

No I did not say one word to any of these folks.

I really didn’t.

I was too tired and astonished at how rude folks have become. I watched all of them as I finished shoppin’ and really felt kinda ashamed this is what has happened to us.

I admit usually I would say somethin’ to these folks, but I’m glad I didn’t.

I’m glad I just observed, so I could see th’ REAL us. Pretty sad. It is like were just hunks of meat floatin’ around in a daze and bumpin’ into one another.

Hey, but guess what?

I saw an ol’ lady in th’ parkin’ lot and she was tryin’ her best to load her packages in her car.

Folks all around her, but they just kept walkin’.

After th’ stuff I just witnessed, I had to go and help her and I did.

And I was glad.

Ya know maybe there was some other folks like me in there. Maybe they saw what I saw.

Maybe they’ll do somethin’ good because of it. Maybe? One can only hope. Y’all be good, okay?


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