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What should we expect now?

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Now that we have elected an inexperienced liberal Democrat to the office of president we must ask ourselves now what? I believe we are going to see major shifts in policies, some good and some bad, which will change the direction that not only affect our nation, but many others.

Our new Commander in Chief has already stated a policy change in our relationship with Israel and our new Secretary of State, our old friend Hillary has stated anything short of relentless diplomatic efforts will fail. What does that mean to America you may ask. Well, lets see...

According to a recent Newsweek article by Michael Hirsch, Obama has signaled strongly that his approach to any crisis in the Middle East would move immediately from our unswerving and unquestioning support of Israel, as seen in the last eight years, to more of a brokers role.

While giving lip service to Israels right to self defense, he claims it unacceptable to permit a future without hope for the Palestinians. Of course this can only be interpreted as a sign of lessened support for Israel by the terrorist in Palestine.

It gets better, he then went on to call for an immediate opening of the Gaza border. Well, isnt that just peachy. Lets force Israel to open the border with a terrorist state that has consistently launched rockets into civilian areas for the past couple of years. Why dont we just tell Israel to go ahead and surrender to that group of thugs called Hamas. That way there wouldnt be any further need for our intervention. Hamas could just walk in and take Israel without any loss of Palestinian life, kill all of the Israelis, and everything would be wonderful. What an idiot.

Who among you believes that any nation should be forced to open their border with a terrorist state? Who believes that reducing our support for the only nation in the middle east that doesnt hate us is a good idea?

But then again, what do Baracks new buddies in Hamas think about his rhetoric so far?

Well, last Thursday a Hamas spokesman said that Obamas position toward the Palestinians does not represent a change and will lead to failed policies and the same mistakes made by Bush. I guess it takes time for someone so inexperienced in foreign policy to realize that no matter what he does Hamas will hate him for it.

Hamas seize control of Gaza in 2007 from a more moderate faction called Fatah. Fatah has attempted to negotiate peace with Israel while Hamas and another seven Damascus-based radical Palestinian factions have refused to discuss peace. They dont want peace, they want domination.

Keep in mind that Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the United States and Israel who has sworn to Israels destruction. The will settle for nothing less than the death of all Israelis and everyone knows it...now Obama believes we should try to help them. What can I say? We will see more and more of this inexperience over the next four years...get ready for it.

On another subject, remember when I stated that Obama and his wife were both in favor of abortions, including partial birth abortions. Remember when I said he would favor legislation allowing more abortions?

Well guess what? Obama plans to sign an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortions. Yep, your and my money going to international groups that perform abortions. I guess it wouldnt be enough to just support abortions in our own country.

Make sure you got that...he is going to end the ban on U.S. taxpayer money to international family planning groups that either offer abortions or provide assistance or referrals for those seeking abortions. Isnt that just a great change in our policy. Especially during a recession in which we are giving trillions of dollars to incompetent company executives, thieves, and morons who managed to drive our economy into the ground by their bad conduct and mismanagement.

Lets just line up with our checkbooks and start writing those checks so foreigners can receive abortion aid. Hell, why dont we just find out who is pregnant and wanting abortions and just send them a couple thousand dollars while were at it. Since when is giving our tax dollars to foreign abortionist a good idea? We are in trouble.

The sad part is you aint seen nothing yet! I predict that we will see a more pious and arrogant president in Obama than we saw in Bush. With Bush he had the swagger of an old Texas cowboy and if you werent with him you were against him, but he never came across as an elitist. We will see the child of privilege who is Barack Hussein Obama during the next few months.

Mark my words, you will see someone who believes that he is more intelligent, more inspired, and more capable of making the important decisions that anyone around him. He has nothing in common with the common man, and that will become more and more apparent as he ignores the information from our intelligence and military sources and follows his own path.

Unfortunately for America he has bought into his own rhetoric. He became enthralled by the masses who blindly followed him and swooned at his every speech. He has convinced himself that he is what he is not. Barack Hussein Obama may be an agent for change, but I doubt it is a change for the better. I for one did not fall under his spell as I am not impressed by any great orator. It takes more than passionate speeches and hollow promises to run a country.

We will see media bites on how he has frozen the salaries of those working for him who make more than $110K per year.

We will hear how he plans to stymie the lobbyist in Washington and form a more open government, and those are good things, but they are not the important things right now. He will offer the public a tidbit on occasion to prove his good intentions, all the while riding us into the biggest deficit in the history of the world. He will negotiate with terrorist while abandoning our allies. Liberals will rejoice in his new policies while our nation falls further from Gods grace and protection.

When I was running for District Attorney I attended a Republican Chairpersons meeting where I was informed that I didnt have any business even attending a Republican function after some of the articles I had written about the Republicans over the past few years. I responded that I didnt write articles about elected officials or office holders because they were Republicans, I wrote the articles because they were acting like idiots. I also told my aged detractor that this would most likely change in the next election cycle due to the actions of the Republican Party.

I told my old buddy that this should make him happy because the Democrats were very likely to take the House, the Senate, and the Presidency and I could then write about the Democrats and their actions. I dont care about your party affiliation, I just care about your actions while in office. Sad thing is...all of my predictions came true...good thing is I might be able to attend another Republican function without some old codger giving me lip about my opinions...or not!

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