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Why people should really worry about Obama and Ayres

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Talk show host Sean Hannity continues to refer to William Ayres as "an unrepentant terrorist," which he most assuredly is. That, of course, allows Barack Obama to dismiss out-of-hand what Ayres did "when I was only eight years old." He can dismiss it as "gotcha politics." While what Ayres did should not be dismissed or ignored, the fact is Senator Obama has rightly deplored his "despicable acts." End of story. Right?

Not so fast. The implication of this relationship goes much deeper and much farther. When Obama states they worked on "education reform" together, that’s a slow pitch anyone should be able to knock out of the park. Why? Because that is where Ayres is so dangerous to America.

William Ayres’s reformation has been so complete and the media so in the tank for Obama that Tom Brokaw described the co-founder of the Weather Underground – the radical organization that, among other actions, bombed government buildings, banks, police departments and military bases in the 1960s – as merely a "school reformer." Of course, and William Ayres is a "school reformer" in the same way Chairman Mao was an "agrarian reformer."

William Ayres, the proud, unrepentant terrorist, is now a tenured professor of Education at the University of Illinois. Just recently he was elected vice-president for curriculum for the 25,000 member American Educational Research Association, the largest organization of education-school professors and researchers in America. If Ayres were just some loony-tune rolling around out there, it would be one thing. But apparently he now wields great influence in academic circles and, obviously, has Barack Obama’s ear.

So, the real issue is not his terrorist past, it’s the socialist revolutionary agenda he and Barack Obama want to impose on the nation’s educational system.

What Ayres wants to do with America’s schools is found, not in his actions 40 years ago when Obama was eight years old, but as recently as two years ago, in 2006, when he traveled to the World Education Forum in Caracas, Venezuela. An event hosted by dictator and uber America-hater Hugo Chavez. (The full text of that speech can be found at http://billayres.wordpress.com/2006/11/).

Standing beside the dictator Chavez, Ayres voiced his support of "the political reforms under way here in Venezuela under the leadership of President Chavez. We share the belief that education is the motor of revolution…I look forward to seeing how…all of you continue to overcome the failures of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane." I could think of a lot of words to describe Hugo Chavez, but "humane" surely wouldn’t be among them.

However, Ayres told the "humanitarian" Chavez: "Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions large and small. La educacion es revolucion." And therein lay the problem: Ayres and Obama have labored to bring the socialist revolution to America and the vehicle is to be the indoctrination of school children in the belief America is a racist, militarist nation and that the capitalist system is unfair and oppressive. In his speech, Ayres stated that "[c]apitalism promotes racism and militarism – turning people into consumers, not citizens."

According to Senator Obama, his relationship with Ayres is "flimsy," just as his 20-year association with Reverend Wright contradicts his dismissive words. The evidence is mounting the Obama – Ayres relationship goes back much further than he has admitted. Obama’s wife, Michele, worked at the prestigious Sidley Austin law firm from 1988 through 1991, the same time terrorist Bill Ayres’s wife, Bernadine Dohrn, worked there. There is a lot to suggest Obama’s tenure at the same law firm was enabled by Tom Ayres, Bill Ayres father. This simply doesn’t pass the "smell test" of "flimsy."

Ayres finished his speech at the World Education Forum with these words:

"Viva Mission Sucre! Viva Presidente Chavez!

Viva La Revolucion Bolivariana!

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!"

This is truly a man who hates America. He hates all it stands for. A man who has had a long, close relationship with Barack Hussein Obama. And, he’s a man who said that America makes him want to puke.

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