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Can you believe that an elected official would actively engage in open graft and corruption in this day and age? My answer would be "how can you not believe it?" That Blagojevich boy up in Illinois is a real piece of work isn’t he?

Of course it’s easy to point fingers that direction, but he isn’t the only one engaging in corruption. Our political system has become entrenched with individuals so self absorbed and egotistical they believe they are above the law.

Blagojevich was a congressman when he ran for governor in 2002 and was elected with bold promises of ethics reform after then governor, Republican George Ryan, was indicted in a separate case.

When Ryan was convicted in 2006, Blagojevich stated "government is supposed to exist for the good of the people, not the other way around and certainly not for the personal enrichment of those who hold public office." What? What did he say?

I guess a few years in office had a chilling effect on his morals because now, in a conversation taped by the FBI, Blagojevich openly threatened to hold up state funding for a Children’s Hospital program unless its chief executive donated $50,000 to his campaign. What?

Oh this was just the beginning of this mans trouble. There are many, many more tapes that cover a full five year period of greed and corruption which resulted in an investigation into alleged claims that he would sell Obama’s Senate seat to the highest bidder. Every seat in our government is up for sale to the highest bidder. If you don’t believe that just see how much money is being spent to win the elections. Candidates Obama and McCain spent almost a billion dollars between them to get a job that pays $400,000 plus 50,000 in expenses.

Obama’s estimate was over $500,000,000 alone…that’s half a billion to you and I and would take 1,250 years to pay back the half a billion. What?

In a report published by the Center for Public Integrity as far back as July 15, 2004, the United States is the oil and gas industry’s biggest customer, slurping up fully a quarter of global production in 2003. (Special Report, Big Oil Protects its Interests-Industry spends hundreds of millions on lobbying, elections, By Aron Pilhofer and Bob Williams).

Not surprisingly, the industry has lavished more than $420 million over the past six years on politicians, political parties and lobbyists in order to protect its interests in Washington, according to a new report by the Center for Public Integrity.

This was the first of a series of Center reports that aimed to identify the size and scope of the international oil and gas industry and measure its influence in the halls of government worldwide.

Among the key findings:

· The Center found that the industry has spent more than $354 million on lobbying activities since 1998, pushing hard on everything from a new national energy policy to obscure changes in the tax code.

· The industry has given more than $67 million in campaign contributions in federal elections since the 1998 election cycle, about a fifth of the amount it has spent on lobbying.

· Oil and gas companies overwhelmingly favored Republicans over Democrats in their campaign giving, the study found. Just over 73 percent of the industry’s campaign contributions have gone to Republican candidates and organizations.

· The industry exerts its influence in other, less obvious ways, including membership on the National Petroleum Council, a commission formed to advise the energy secretary. Koch Industries, the largest privately-held oil company in the United States, has financed a network of conservative nonprofit organizations designed to influence policy debate in this country.

· U.S.-based oil and gas companies have nearly 900 subsidiaries located in tax haven countries, such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

There is, of course, more to the report but you can read it for yourself at http://ww.publicintegrity.org., and yes it’s easy to pick on the oil industry because they have so much money, but they are not alone in this endeavor. More importantly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of secret deals being made each and every day by some politician like Blagojevich, we just don’t know about those yet.

We have allowed our government to become a self regulating bureaucracy designed to serve itself instead of the people. There is no accountability in government. The offices have become filled with career politicians who have no interest in serving the people. Their interests are in filling their pockets and getting their friends and families appointed to boards of directors so they can get campaign contributions. If you want to see the depths of their depravity, go to www.republicansexoffenders.com. for a little review of just how sick our Nation truly has become. Our country is in a recession brought on by greed, corruption and self indulgence. We have stood by while our tax dollars have been wasted in pointless military engagements and wars started for all the wrong reasons.

We have seen our industries fail due to their lack of management, all the while giving executives larger and grander bonuses, incentives and retirement packages while the business begs for taxpayer handouts. We allow convicted U.S. Congressmen and Senators to draw retirement benefits after convictions for fraud, corruption, graft, etc. Our government has lost its way, not because it is a bad form of government, but because it has been invaded by men of low moral character.

We need a few "Mr. Smiths" to get to Washington. We need elected officials who intend to perform their duties as true representatives of the people. What Washington really needs is an enema to wash out the sludge that has built up in the nations intestines.

More people are going broke now than ever before; more people have lost their retirement nest eggs than ever before; more people are unsure of how they will feed their families; more people must now choose between medicine and food; more people are buying guns and ammunition out of fear.

What will it take for the American people to wake up and recognize the need for change?

We can count on the devaluation of our currency next. The greatest Nation on the planet is in trouble because we have abandoned those founding principles so necessary to keep us in good graces with the Lord. A whole generation of evil men now roams the land and hold positions of power with the sole purpose of taking care of themselves, and themselves only, and the American people keep electing them to office.

A great veil of deception has been placed before our eyes which prevents us from seeing the truth. It isn’t too difficult to recognize the seriousness of our current economic situation.

It most certainly isn’t difficult to see the corruption and greed. Question is, what are you going to do about it? You see the problems every day, and yet you do nothing. You see the clouds on the horizon, yet never prepare for the rain.

The answers are simple; for starters we must have new elected officials within our government; we must hold executives accountable and stop the bailouts; and we must try to find our way back to our Christian principles.

I can’t think of many times when we have gone wrong by following the word of God, but I can sure fill books of when we failed because we didn’t.

It is time to take back America and take America back to her origins.

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