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The Forgotten Man

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With the present political current flowing strongly against the voter majority here in Texas, across most of the South, and on the remaining largest portion of land mass comprising the U.S. (Red States), get ready to once again become the "forgotten man" (or woman).

Actually, the Forgotten Man phraseology was initially heard in a lecture by Yale philosopher William Graham Sumner, delivered against the "Progressives" of his day, about half a century prior to America’s Great Depression.

In his essay containing the "forgotten man" phrase, Sumner said, "As soon as A observes something which seems to him to be wrong, from which X is suffering, A talks it over with B and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X. Their law always proposes to determine what A, B, and C shall do for X.

Hey, up jumped a rabbit! C must have been absent that day, so he got nominated to do the dirty work.

The wise-guys (A and B) were welcome to go into their own pockets and give X a little lift, but C wasn’t even at school that day. Leave him out of it.

We see this kind of thing happening all the time now-a-days.

It’s as common as, well, as common as having allergies in Texas.

Elected and unelected government officials have purposely forgotten who’s in charge.

This behavior is known as tyranny.

In the first place, A and B shouldn’t be able to exact doodly-squat with the contents of C’s hip pocket without C’s whole-hearted support and consent, and certainly not doing so by enacting a law to do it behind his back.

Tyranny, plain and simple.

To make correction, C needs good candidates but, sadly, he finds his ballot box choices end up being between slick liberals seeking office…to the unqualified jokers who’ve bought-in on liberal philosophy and simply want a permanent, good-paying job.

Neither candidate gives the Forgotten Man much consideration. Talk about no real choice at the ballot box.

Here’s a scenario.

Obama (A) and Pelosi/Reid (B) observe a large number of their minority voting base (X) not owning homes they can’t afford. Never mind about qualifications for the four-bedroom ranch-style; simply arrange for one or two of your quasi governmental agencies (Fanny and Freddy) to make the "loan" anyway; Mr. Taxpayer (C) will be forced to repay the financial institutions making the faulty loans, even though he had no say in the entire matter.

Another sneaky, low-life tactic used by liberals at the top is the twisting of legitimate critiques, such as the Forgotten Man, into ploys for their own gain.

For example, a speechwriter for FDR, recalling this notable phrase from the Yale philosopher of yesteryear, inserted it into Roosevelt’s first great speech in 1932.

The "slight" deviation, however, placed X, not C, as the Forgotten Man.

Anything to grow government…which the New Deal accomplished to then unheard of dimensions.

The lesson for us (C) today in 2009; FDR used the 1929 Stock Market crash as excuse to greatly enlarge government to his liberal standards…fooling almost an entire nation in the process…for his entire stay in the White House (1932 – 1945).

Historians have gone along and the foolin’ game goes on.

Today, the president-elect comes in bemoaning our current condition as the worst since the Great Depression of 1929. Bad as it is, it ain’t nearly that bad…but it sure sounds like a good excuse to deja vu all over again. Right Yogi?

May God bless.

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