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They aint workin! Money fo nuthin, get ya chicks fo free!

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John L. Sulak


This morning, on the news, I heard our great leaders are considering a $3.50 Federal Gas Tax.

The reasoning behind this?

Oh, it’s ‘cause they want to make it more expensive to drive, so folks will quit drivin’ them SUV’S!

Now ain’t this a CROCK!

Of course, most Americans will whine and complain, but at th’ end of th’ day, they’ll just chalk it up to "BUSINESS AS USUAL IN WASHINGTON" and go on about their bill laddin’ lives.

Nothin’ll change except they will just keep on payin’ more and more and more.

Now, let’s add this up: we just accepted th’ multi-billion dollar bailout, we just accept th’ corruption, especially in Illinois. and furthermore Chicago, we accepted th’ fact that the newly elected team get’s to investigate themselves, in light of this, we accept the pay raise that our leaders give themselves, after they did virtually th’ worst job in our history, and you’ll just accept more and more leader abuse!

Notice I did not say government abuse............that’s ours!

Th’ leaders that we keep electin’ over and over again, is th’ problem.

So, anyway, in America we are supposed to be able to work hard and save our money and then retire fairly comfortable, right?

I mean, that’s th’ great dream, right? Guess what?

Virtually all of our leaders don’t want that!


They want us to spend every dime we make so th’ economy will keep thrivin’ and th’ "FAT CATS" keep gettin’ richer and richer!

Oh, and if we don’t spend enough, well, they gonna find a way to take it away from us anyway!

You gettin’ th’ picture yet?

These folks ain’t got th’ same feelin’s as we do!

Their carrin’ words are just hiddin’ their agenda’s!

Oh, and believe me, they got ‘em!

So, now you can still sit on your butt and whine, or you can start hollerin’ in places that might make some difference!

It really is up to you!

Oh, and guess what?

These leaders are more afraid of "hollerers" than they are of "whiners!" Really! Well, this is just another opinion from th’ dumb ol’ East Texas boy!

Sick ‘em, okay?

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