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Enough is enough

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I consider myself a pretty tolerant guy when it comes to religious freedoms, freedom of expression, freedom of speech and so on…but enough is enough.

I think I can speak for a great number of Americans when I say "I have had enough." I have had all the whining and complaining of individuals from foreign lands about how mistreated they are in OUR COUNTRY.

The most recent story about the supposed Muslim, Lisa Valentine, who was reportedly jailed for refusing to remove her scarf before entering a courtroom outside Atlanta Georgia just leaps from the page. Now keep in mind the courtroom has rules against all headgear in the courtroom. The court doesn’t make a distinction between baseball caps or scarves, they are all prohibited.

According to the recent news item in the Associated Press, the Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Wednesday the training doesn’t address the problem.

"We can deal with whether people knew about policies or whether they handled things correctly, but the bottom line is, can a Muslim woman walk into this courtroom wearing religious attire?" he said. He asked the question, I have the answer, and it is NO SHE CANNOT.

Who in the hell do these people think they are? The rules apply across the board for everyone and that is not discrimination. No headwear is allowed. How difficult is that to understand? And let’s not forget that Valentine argued with authorities, called the judge racist and repeated expletives until an officer grabbed her wrist. Court authorities say the judge found her in contempt for fighting with one of the officers, not for wearing a scarf. Apparently she became belligerent with court personnel and started cursing the bailiffs and others. Well, isn’t that just peachy?

Just so we don’t forget, remember when our troops were stationed in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War? Remember when they were forbidden from celebrating Christmas? Remember when they weren’t even allowed to put up Christmas trees. Remember why? It was because the Saudi’s wouldn’t allow it because it infringed upon their religious principles. There would be no outward celebration of Christianity in Saudi Arabia, even if we were there to protect their sorry asses…even though their people were the suicide bombers of 9/11.

I have been one of those front-liners preaching religious tolerance for years. I do not believe we should discriminate based on religious grounds, and that has not changed. What has changed is the fact that I must now call out these idiots who intend to do everything they can to destroy OUR COUNTRY, and right now I am pretty angry about the whole thing. Here is the deal. This great nation welcomes people from every creed and culture and has since its beginning. Our Nation has always been a melting pot of nationalities, races, and religions, and that is part of what makes us who we are, but no longer. Today there is a culture of hatred in our society. There are those who would avail themselves on the freedoms, riches, and bounty that comes with living in America, but they don’t believe they have to play by our rules. Well, I think those days are coming to an end.

I believe if you want to enjoy the freedoms and lifestyles that come with living in America you should at least attempt to fit in. I don’t believe the people that do the griping and complaining have any legitimate reasons for raising hell; it’s just the type of people they are. The woman in Georgia is a living, screaming example of just such a malcontent. Does anyone actually believe that this woman refused to remove her scarf for religious reasons? Does anyone believe that Lisa Valentine is a true Muslim? When did she convert? What was she before she was a Muslim, and more importantly who cares?

It always strikes me as strange when those individuals from other nations come to our country and demand special treatment. There are no special treatments in the Muslim world for Americans, or Christians, except blatant discrimination. There are no special exceptions to allow our people to celebrate their religious holidays, but don’t you dare infringe upon their beliefs.

As Americans we have to make sure we read the literature on customs and beliefs for the nations where we vacation. We don’t like to offend anyone’s culture or beliefs, and typically will respect other countries rules and laws without reservation. Well, that obviously doesn’t apply here is the good old U.S.A. Evidently you can come here and thumb your nose at our laws, our people, and our beliefs, hell you can even burn my flag in public. You can make your signs of religious hatred and protest in our streets in front of our churches. You can break the rules and then scream how they are racist or intolerant.

Is anyone else perturbed yet? Enough is enough. If you want to live here you should be required to learn our language. You should be required to follow the same rules and laws as everyone else. That is how a Republic works. You don’t get to come here and do whatever you want to do. You don’t get special treatment or accommodations. Everyone is supposed to be treated the same, and no-one gets special privileges. You have to learn to fit in here. It is called assimilation and it has worked from the beginning.

You are in America where we allow you to worship the God of your choice, but you do not get to thumb your nose at my God. We Christians don’t believe that Islam is great, or greater than our religion, and the beautiful thing is…we don’t have to. We don’t follow the teachings of the Koran…we don’t have to. We don’t accept Mohamed as a great prophet…we don’t have to. We get to worship our God in the church or temple of our choice any time and anywhere we choose, and we really don’t care what you, or anyone else thinks about it.

I guess you can tell by now that this sort of story just makes me nuts. Personally I am proud to be an American and publically declare my Christianity. I understand and accept the fact that there are other religions and respect their right to worship their deity. I will not however show any further tolerance or respect for those who cannot do the same. This is America, a country founded on Christian principles. A country where our currency still says "In God We Trust"; where congress is still opened by a prayer; and where every Sunday hundreds of millions of Americans gather together to worship the Lord. Now if we could only get together enough to make a change.

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