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Stench of the double standard

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We all know, or at least most of us do, that the mainstream media are nothing more than liberal flacks.

Feckless followers of Democrats, apologists for the Obamessiah, and can hardly be counted on to tell the truth.

It seems one of the requisites for membership in the fraternity of the mainstream media is a hardy disdain for the truth.

And for conservatives in general.

So many stories are buried in the deep recesses of their black hole newsrooms and never see the light of day.

Even stories that are really important for people to know about.

And, they repeatedly refuse to research the truth or get to the bottom of things it’s a disgrace.

Unless, once again, the story has to do with besmirching some conservative or creating enormous humiliation for one.

It was all over the news when the horrific dragging of James Byrd in South Texas happened.

The miscreants who perpetrated this horrendous crime received, justifiably, the death penalty.

It was truthfully labeled a hate crime.

However, when a group of blacks brutally murdered two white teenagers the media was notably silent.

The young man was murdered and his girlfriend was sodomized and raped repeatedly before they killed her.

Hardly made the news anywhere, much less a hue and cry about a hate crime, even after the guilty parties confessed they did it because the two were white. Now comes another example.

This has to do with two churches.

One is in a large American city, the other in a small, rural town.

One church preaches hate, not only for America but for whites as well.

It’s infected with a toxic dogma called Black Liberation Theology.

The other church champions the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the two was recently firebombed.

Care to render a guess as to which one?

If you guessed the small town, gospel-preaching one you are quite correct.

Barack Obama spent twenty years parking his fanny in the pews of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago raptly listening to the venom-tongued diatribes of its "preacher" Jeremiah Wright while he, the "preacher," regurgitated from his pulpit racist lies and ridiculous conspiracy theories about government’s efforts to murder black people.

Yet, in Wasilla, Alaska, an evangelical church attended by Governor Sarah Palin and her family, taught the true meaning of Christ’s message to his church and sinners the world over.

Incredibly, on Friday, Dec. 12, 2008, the Wasilla Bible Church was firebombed.

According to authorities the fire started in the main entrance of the church.

It’s being investigated as an arson.

Gee, ya think?

Damages are estimated at $1 million.

Fortunately, no one was injured in spite of the fact a small group, including children, was inside at the time.

After the bombing, the congregation had to hold its services in a local middle school.

Yet, to hear these awful Christians talk they feel "blessed" that this absurd act has actually brought the congregation closer together.

These hate-filled people actually are going to survive and thrive.

Its associate pastor said "the definition of the church is the body of Christ, made up of God’s people. The church is still there. We are the church."

In spite of various theories concerning disgruntled folks with a beef with God, local punks, the Associated Press weighed in with a little different theory:

"After Palin was named John McCain’s running mate, the evangelical church was the subject of intense scrutiny.

"Early in her campaign, Palin’s church was criticized for promoting in a Sunday bulletin a Focus on the Family "Love Won Out" conference in Anchorage. The conference promised to ‘help men and women dissatisfied with living homosexually understand that same-sex attractions can be overcome.’" So, here’s the double standard.

The mainstream media fell all over itself during the Obama campaign avoiding a hard look at the river of vitriol flowing from Wright’s church in Chicago.

Yet, when Sarah Palin was named as John McCain’s choice for vice president, every news outlet in the country sent bus loads of reporters to Alaska to "investigate" this woman’s "weird" church.

Now, that "weird" church has been firebombed.

The world would have branded this senseless act a "hate crime" if it had happened in Chicago, but we are to believe a ministry to help homosexuals who want to leave their deviant lifestyles is really the cause of the attack.

Can you imagine the reaction of Jeremiah Wright and his ilk – not to mention the press – if their church had been burned to the ground?

It probably wouldn’t have been one of love and forgiveness; rather it would have been one of hatred and bigotry.

Indeed, in the handling of this insane act of hate, it’s easy to detect the stench of the double standard.

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