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If a frog had wings, he could fly . . .

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A casual look at America’s melting pot status reveals its metamorphosis has been into a croc. Let’s look and see.

The West Coast, commonly referred to as the Left Coast nowadays, has been more of a match with, say, France than with Middle America in recent years, since Reagan was the top executive out there, really, and that was 35 years ago.

Foreign-born Arnold Schwarzenegger, who ran as a Republican, is a governor apparently pushing the Golden State left of Left. So, no relief in sight out there.

The East Coast is no better, especially New England.

What hope is there for a people who routinely elect and re-elect, ad infinitum, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry, Christopher Dodd and Chuck Schumer types as their representatives. A melting pot up there?

More like a dirty stinking chamber pot.

Also, another close resemblance to France.

Genuine Middle Americans, as those of us with a more traditional-Founding Fathers view of things are often referred, can be found in smaller towns and out in the country.

This is strongly true except in those predominantly Black and Hispanic areas.

Interestingly, even paradoxically, the illegal migration of Hispanics and Mexicans into, especially, Southern and Southwestern states has been a major concern of most right-thinking Americans for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the demographics-change effect on voting.

It should be noted how virtually every large American city votes for the liberal candidates.

Those cities have become full of Left-voting minorities (Hispanics and Blacks).

The paradoxical slant revolves around the fact that both of these racial minorities claim to be soundly conservative in their social and religious world views, yet consistently vote for the political party most opposed to their claimed values.

Could it be these minorities allow their perceived (but mistaken) pocketbook ambitions to outweigh their social and religious ones in the voting booth?

Another kind of migration troublesome to Southerners and Southwesterners is the Snow Bird migration to their regions.

Although Snowbirds evidently dislike Northern taxes, regulations and weather, choosing to invade and relocate to more conservative tax, regulation and weather-friendly places like North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and Arizona.

Unfortunately, those SB people evidently see no relation between the taxes and regulations of their former habitat and their voting habits.

This oversight results in a turning of the new Southern haven into the monster from whence they have escaped…and by their very own voting hand.

The more serious difficulty in all of these migrations has to do with the mind-set of the migrators.

The Hispanics and Mexicans seem to want to retake the generous land they’ve escaped to for Mexico. Doesn’t make a lick of sense, but neither does not learning our language that would allow a melting pot effect to take place and prosper them beyond their fondest dreams.

Northerners have this handicap of thinking they are always right and Southerners, Southwesterners and Westerners just need to learn how to be a good Yankee.

Nevertheless, Northerners continue to escape from the region they have pretty much spoiled and insist on migrating to more pristine regions, to mess them up too.

They’re doing a pretty good job of it.

The other minor migration is of Californians moving into adjacent regions to their east, places like Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, even New Mexico.

They drive property values up inordinately…and their associated property taxes, hurting the native population in the process. This doesn’t even count the liberalism quotient they’ve also driven up.

The best solution would be for all those migrations to stay where they are.

If Global Warming would hurry up and occur, Northern Snowbirds could stay up in the balmy North, allowing the South and Southwest to retain its regional integrity and purity. If Mexico would wake up and smell the benefits of Free Enterprise and Private Property, Hispanics and Mexicans could stay down there and prosper.

And if a frog had wings, he could fly.

May God bless us every one. Merry Christmas.

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