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Under Stress

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The economy is under stress and government, wherein we find ourselves fully submerged, is here to help. Isn’t that the cliche; we’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Comic relief is always helpful in times of stress, especially economic stress.

In analyzing this fine mess some Ollie has gotten us into, there does indeed seem to be a direct correlation between the fine mess and the ever-growing size of government. And it doesn’t seem to matter whether the government entity is elected or some un-elected outgrowth.

Take Highway 77 / Ferris Avenue through Waxahachie, for instance.

The traffic lights thereon, from one end of town to the other, seem well-designed to clog and congest traffic to the nth degree.

The street area from approximately between Home Depot and Lowes southward to between Waxahachie High and Citizens National Bank is tailor-made for causing tempers to shorten and is ripe for an accident waiting to happen.

It’s ironic that city fathers and their associated movers and shakers have been ever-so-intent on growing the city, yet upon getting what they wanted, seem to be at a loss that precise planning might be a requirement for such mundane items as moving its associated traffic.

And, oh yes, I’ve been told the city of Waxahachie has nothing to do with traffic light control (timing) up and down Hwy 77/Ferris Ave, that that responsibility belongs to TxDOT. Here we see the classic elected officials and its unelected outgrowth syndrome.

Neither does anything.

Are there no telephones between Waxahachie and TxDOT? How about email or text-messaging?

Western Union, Morse code, smoke signals, Pony express?

It’s almost as if the city is afraid of TxDOT, apparently thinking if they bug them, they won’t help when things really begin to get bad…as in the fine traffic mess currently existing on Highway 77 between Penneys and Bealls.

When school lets out and Fridays are the worse, but back-ups are common at times seven days a week.

I’m surprised more citizens have not journeyed down to city hall to voice their disapproval, but maybe we’ve been conditioned.

You can’t fight city hall, or so the prescription cautions.

The remedy is simple: "properly" time the city’s traffic lights from one end of town to the other. But I forget, the city is not at fault and TxDOT is lost in space.

Me, oh I’m up in the city, uhh town, uhh village, uhh township, uhh berg , uhh wide place in the road of Pecan Hill.

Actually, I’m proud to be a Pecan Hiller.

Though we have not even a street light near us, we’re protected, they say, from having junk yards spring up next door…and for a fraction of the cost to be receiving precisely the same benefit should we find ourselves in, say, the Waxahachie city limits. We’ve a good deal.

And we don’t have traffic jams!

Of course we all know Washington is the originator of bad government…and they seem to improve on it each year.

Switching gears, what do you think of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison planning to run for governor?

Wonder how hard it would be to coax Sarah Palin and family down here to run?

We are the second largest state, right behind Alaska, and our winters are much better.

I think so, anyway. Ice fishermen and Olympic skaters may disagree.

Reiterating on the auto bailout controversy. After auto-makers supplied Uncle Sam with an abundance of war materials in WWII, Big Brother came back threatening GM with anti trust for, horrors, edging up to over 50-percent of the domestic market in the 1950’s. Washington then was behind the 1973 generated gas shortage, which drove Americans toward puddle-jumper (foreign) vehicles.

Afterward still, they forced mandatory fuel economy standards, the same for tailpipe emissions, ditto for facility emissions, and now, after causing the current financial crisis, the Washington brain trust has the unmitigated nerve to force the Big Three (GM, Ford, Chrysler) to their knees to grovel for emergency aid.

Senators should be on their knees begging forgiveness for having such a short memory and for continually goofing-up the private sector.

Washington has its own kind of traffic jambs which may bring the whole country to its knees.

Government has its nerve!

May God bless.

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