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Thin? Skin!

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I enjoy just mentally doodling about the last election.

When big Bill Clinton was running for office, he could do or say nothing wrong.

He smiled a lot and played his horn.

Sadly he wound up looking like a spot lighted deer, when his former friends turned on him.

In this election we have observed every thing we claim to abhor.

Gender, age, skin color, and in Joe Bidens case, stupidity!

When the time came, Bill did not take bringing up his sins well.

Even tho I don’t like her, both Mrs. Clinton and Sarah Palin, whom I do like, got shabby sexist treatment.

Even now when the election is over Sarah is still getting cussed and discussed.

Has a vice president on the losing side ever got so much notice from the news media?

Bless both women took the lies sexist comments well and continued their lives with grace and only (in Sarah’s case) some snappy comebacks worthy of a great politician!

President-elect Obama will get his comeuppance.

Some people have already turned on him.

Like that great equalizer of the old west the colt pistol, the internet is the great equalizer of today.

The internet was Obama’s weapon of choice in his duel with his opponents in this election.

No matter what he does, his words and the deeds of his administration will be compared to other presidents unfavorably, simply because of the difference in time.

He will not face the exact problems of the other men who held his office.

He cannot please all the people who voted for him and will now judge each word he utters, each decision he makes and MOST of them will disagree and loudly let him know how they feel by way of the internet!!

Will he develop a thick skin, will the electronic voices on the internet pierce his thin skin, and cause him to make bad decisions, trying to please every one who asks?

Or will he give in and just please the congress, who will use him to sign every piece of legislature they can come up with, and take the blame when the country turns on him.

Will he take the blame if he pulls our troops out before victory, and the enemy follows them to our country?

If he closes Gitmo and brings all those Terrorists to the USA for an unfair trial?

Where will he let them go?

Washington DC, I hope, that will solve a mounting problem of crooked activist judges and crooked politicians.

I realize some people who have never been shot feel sorry for terrorist who are confined.

For these gentle souls, I hope you never smell military grade gun powder or hear the nasty whine of a bullet sing it’s song of death as it passes by your ear to end the life of a friend or a loved one.

Yes, little bird, I have.

There are other views.

But this is JON’S VU!!!

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