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History has a way of repeating itself. Unfortunately, too much of this repeat-mode pans out to be on the negative side of the ledger.

Only goes to prove George Santayana correct in philosophizing how a nation forgetting its history was destined to repeat the bad parts.

Currently, our repeat of history bears a striking resemblance to 1860, the year Northern states elected Abraham Lincoln to the presidency.

Lincoln’s popularity in the South was nil, matching his number of electoral votes gained there.

It is interesting to consider the quickness of Southerners in catching-on to the politics of the day.

In 1860, they were almost purely Democratic, with a scattering for a couple of other parties, excluding the Republicans.

It remained so until LBJ departed, returning for a time when Jimmy Carter threw in his hat.

From Reagan to this day, Southerners saw the resemblance of current Republicans at the grassroots with Democrats of the 19th Century.

A quick perusal of the just-concluded presidential election shows similar national conclusions with those of 1860.

Except for points south of the Mason-Dixon bearing a brunt of the Yankee alien-migration to their state (Virginia, North Carolina, Florida), the South solidly rejected Obama of Illinois and Biden of Connecticut. Same as Lincoln of Illinois and Hannibal Hamlin of Maine were rejected by every Southern state back then.

Lincoln and Obama are similar in that both deliver high-sounding speeches. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, for instance, supposedly freed all the slaves under Confederate control, yet freed none held in federal hands.

This, therefore, tallies out to zero slaves freed, due to that highly revered historical proclamation.

Lincoln was also supposed to be a uniter. Well, after the deaths of over 800,000 American lives, the South was forced back into a "united" status.

As a matter of another fact, Lincoln imprisoned more than 15,000 of his fellow Northerners; those, of course, who disagreed with his handling of affairs. Some uniter!

As for Obama, it remains to be seen just how he will govern, but just a preliminary look at his cabinet appointments reveals far left-liberal, with little consideration given for meaningful experience or conservatism.

Hillary as Secretary of State, for example, and her zero amount of foreign experience. Mix that with Obama’s zero-experience and ... zero plus zero equals, wellllll, zero.

What we have here is a Barnum and Bailey political circus.

So how might all this wash out?

Adolph Hitler had no experience waging world wars.

Adolph looked pretty good for a couple of years, then it was Katie bar the door and Curtains for the Fuhrer.

Expect Obama to look good for about the same amount of time, due especially to Media’s adoration, but media-worship will wilt and wane after just so-many disappointments.

And can you believe the number of new gun purchases since the election?

Though I don’t understand all the motivations, much of it must have to do with some kind of fear for perceived coming events of one kind or another.

Possibly about a time approaching when we might have to self-protect our homes, families, gardens, etc.

From who, I’m not altogether sure. Russians? Chinese? Muslims? Northerners? Race wars?

Anyway, after a genuine attempt at reconciliation, the 1861 Southern states began seceding one by one, through their legislatures, state conventions, and votes by the people; legally, in other words.

Since they got in the Union that-a-way, they planned to exit by the same route.

Lincoln’s War waged upon them changed their peaceful withdrawal plans.

Afterward, the South withdrew mentally and politically, and to this very day, according to the Red-Blue national maps of the last 30 years or so.

So should Texas or the South secede again?

Most would say an emphatic no, even though our differences are many. Interestingly, a pro abolitionist newspaper, the New York Tribune view in 1860 read thusly: "if the cotton states wished to withdraw from the Union, they should be allowed to do so."; that, "any attempt to compel them to remain, by force, would be contrary to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and to the fundamental ideas upon which human liberty is based."; and that, "if the Declaration of Independence justified the secession from the British Empire of three millions of subjects in 1776, it was not seen why it would not justify the secession of five millions of Southerners from the Union of 1861."

It only makes sense to consider revisiting the old Southern thinkers such as John Calhoun, and prepare ourselves for any eventuality. May God bless us in understanding our times and knowing how to properly address them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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