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America lost? You decide!

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With the passage of the 2008 Wall Street Bailout scheme Washington has demonstrated their hostile attitude toward what they perceive as the meddling public. It has become painfully obvious the servants we elected to represent us have not only deserted us, but also declared themselves as our masters. The tactics ranged from back room deals, blackmail, threats of martial law, and the nation going bankrupt. Our Representatives were promised sweeteners, fat pork and whatever political booty the fat cat bureaucrats could muster. The voices of the American people were united into a single voice, yet it was ignored.

For God’s sake, why would Washington not listen to WE THE PEOPLE? What were they told that was so persuasive that could change their votes? Why were the American people kept in the dark? (see video) www.faxdc.com

Faxdc will tell you why... the Wall Street Bailout was a smoke screen. The real issue was the infusion of more money into the economy because of foreign interests. With foreign powers holding hundreds of billions of dollars WE THE PEOPLE are held hostage and thereby America must act in accordance to the wishes of powers such as China and the European Union.

Therefore, our representatives have been convinced the only way to devalue the hold foreign powers have on our economy is to print more money. The more money the U.S. prints and circulates the less powerful the holders of vast amounts of our currency have to bargain with.

Yes, we have a mortgage crisis. Yes, we have bank failures, however, the same techniques used in the 1980’s with the Savings and Loan failure could be employed today. The secret problem that drove this so called "RESCUE" was the simple fact that too much of our American dollars were being held hostage, thereby creating a leverage chip for foreign powers to play.

America had to have an emergency so the Treasury Department could print more money, thereby diluting the strangle-hold foreign powers have on our country.

Then the next installment is due. In 2009 Washington will try to legalize more 38 million illegal aliens. The same illegal aliens that have taken up residence, stolen millions of American jobs, stolen citizens businesses and wreaked havoc on American citizens. Our politicians refused to close our borders and therefore aided and abetted a massive invasion of America’s shores. Our politicians worked closely with the special interests, our administration and the US Chamber of Commerce to facilitate the invasion. Our politicians, while pretending to be listening to us, have forgotten the primary reason that they were elected, I.E., TO REPRESENT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

The next attack on the American people will be a new form of amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens who have invaded us. The magic weapon used by Washington fat cats has been the "do nothing approach." Enforce our immigration laws? They did nothing. Secure our borders? They did nothing. Punish employers who hire illegal aliens? They did nothing. Reinterpret the 14th Amendment, to prohibit anchor babies/birthright citizenship?

They did nothing. All the while allowing the immigration and financial problems to fester and soon with a new administration in place, after the political honeymoon is over they are going to lance that festering boil and force amnesty down our throats.

But all is not lost. Not everyone voted for the Bailout Bill. Some Senators and Congressmen were men and women of honor and could not be bought. It will be with those true patriots that we can rebuild our nation. With all the pressure, blackmail and sweeteners being applied to the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives, SOME of our representatives didn’t buckle! What that says to me, is there is still hope for America, all is not lost.

Faxdc in the past has been reactive. When Amnesty raised its ugly head we sent blistering HOT faxes to Washington by the hundreds of thousands. When Mexican Trucks kept rolling across our borders, you responded with hundreds of scorching hot faxes. The result.... the Mexican Murder Trucks stopped. When amnesty was threatened the Faxdc Army snapped to attention and we stormed Washington, papering them with millions of faxes, e-mails and letters. When domestic oil drilling was in question the Faxdc Army cooked Washington with searing red hot faxes, and Washington responded by approving safe and sensible domestic oil drilling. When the Bailout scam was discovered YOU responded with a pandemonium of roasting faxes and we stopped the bill dead in its tracks.

Faxdc is going to do something daring! We are going to create the issue not wait until something pops for us to react to. We are going to appeal to all the Congressmen and Senators today and then set the stage for the newly elected representatives to step into what we already started!

The few that are good patriots will love this idea and the rest of the cowards will scream! No matter what, you will be heard! We will be heard! The American people will be heard!

Here are our demands:

* Inject 100 billion dollars into our economy for the creation of new jobs with small employers in the form of hiring bonuses.

* Discharge ALL deficiency actions against the families that are victims of the predatory mortgage debacle.

* Expand FDIC insurance to all limited risk pension investments for individuals up to 5 million dollars.

* Infuse 100 Billion dollars into the Small Business Administration for the rebuilding of America’s small business infrastructure for the creation of new business startup capitol grants.

Faxdc knows that creating new jobs creates new taxes. Discharging deficiencies against families of the victims of the predatory mortgage debacle will bring home ownership back to the masses. Expanding the FDIC insurance into the limited risk pension investments arena, mom’s and pop’s retirement will be protected. Infusing 100 billion dollars into new businesses through the existing structure of the S.B.A. creates opportunities for the common man to share in the American dream of owning his own business.

What could be better? Stimulating the hiring of new employees, protecting families, protecting pensions and providing start-up capitol for the expansion of the American dream.

Instead of America Lost we can make America Found! Let’s re-establish the America our grandparents loved and cherished!

Are you willing to step up with us and tell Washington it is now time to take care of the American people? What will be their answers this time? Will they say: They don’t want to help employers hire citizens? They don’t want to help the families of the victims of the mortgage debacle, they don’t want to create opportunities to help the American dream grow through small businesses?

They sure wanted to help Wall Street! Now it is time to help Main Street.

We are going to take the lead! We are not going to wait around until something bad happens. Faxdc is going to take command and tell those ever fattening fat cats that WE THE PEOPLE RULE, shut-up, sit down and start taking notes, here is our shopping list!

What do you think, shall we save America by having Washington help out our fellow Americans with new jobs, new businesses, protect our pensions and care for the victims?

Go to our website and read more: www.faxdc.com/protect_america.htm

Let’s rock Washington, but this time, we are going to create the issue.

Are you with us! Read more: www.faxdc.com.

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