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House cleaning

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Actually, since the just-past election was decided by people casting their vote based on emotion or "feelings," I "feel" like we just elected a foreigner to the office of president.

Since his father was a full-blood Kenyan and his mother a full-blood liberal from Kansas, a foreigner could easily be deduced.

Nevertheless, we must go on; the French had to after their manufactured revolution based on feelings.

We can too, I reckon.

In a very real sense though, some of us have been disenfranchised by this election.

The Dallas paper last Thursday gave reason no. 2 for Obama winning as he "...won nearly every constituency, except for whites and older voters."

Kinda locked me and some of you in, didn’t it?

Guess we’ll have to learn how to roll with the punches a little better…

Whenever you get a chance, take a gander at the Red-blue map of the U.S. in this week’s issue of The Ellis County Press showing the geography of the popular vote.

Talk about eye-opening!

If you were to take out the Northeast, the Rust Belt (Great Lakes area), the Left Coast and most of a thin border area with Mexico, Obama loses by the largest margin in American history.

Oh yes, you’d have to throw out, say, the ten largest cities too, in that their current demographics lends itself to voting by one’s emotions.

That would include our own Dallas, Houston, Austin (of course), San Antonio and El Paso.

Abraham knew about the big cities.

That’s why he didn’t mind allowing Lot to choose moving his herds over Sodom and Gomorrah way while he stayed out in the country.

We still hear a lot of jokes and receive frequent jabs about the South is gonna rise again.

Well, if you will just have a closer look at that red-blue map again, the Old South is as obvious as the nose on your (mine anyway) face.

You’d have to over-look Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida this year, as the liberal-thinking Yankees have moved in and inundated those states since the era of the snow bird opened up the tide-gates for their Southern migration.

I guess they moved here just to convert us to their liberated way of thinking. No thanks.

The Yankee migration was not just about escaping the snow and bitter cold; no, much of it was about escaping dopey regulations and high taxes, especially in the Northeast.

The thing that doesn’t compute in this scenario is why they haven’t figured for themselves how their voting patterns brought on this condition in the first place.

Now, they bring those same flawed patterns down South and, presto, there go Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

Voting based on emotion was not the only cause of Obama winning this election.

No, Republicans have had a nasty habit since Reagan (even before Reagan) of selecting screwy-type people to head up their ticket.

It seems if there is even a semblance of pure Christianity, Founding Father-tradition, or free enterprise system thinking attached to a candidate, he or she is shunned long before the primary election gets even close to Texas or the Old South.

Yankees and Northerners have already wrapped up the nomination before we even get a chance to lick the lead on our ballot pencil.

And it appears some of those same people, beginning with campaign staff-types are already trying to eliminate Sarah Palin before the ink dries on this year’s ballots.

Sarah was the one bright spot on this year’s Republican ticket and will sweep up the mess that will occur between now and 2012.

That is, if she gets the chance. The upper echelons of Republicanism, is currently "eat-up" with the stupids, if you will allow my timid (and illiterate-sounding) opinion!

My remedy for the mess those somebody else’s (Blue States and Counties) got us into is very simply for Texas to secede. If so, I figure it wouldn’t be long before all the rest of "them" Red States would follow on along and we’d be back in business again, doin’ it the right way.

Oh, I know Honest Abe and those "reconstruction" Republicans following Appomattox Court House decided secession was unconstitutional but, bein’ we rightly understand the Constitution, we could simply nullify their Yankee Blue State decidin’.

Just like before Appomattox…

Actually, the main reason Lincoln and his ilk wanted us kept in the Union in the first place was so they could over-tax and convert us to their way of thinking (which they’ve not been able to accomplish yet).

Over-tax us, though…yes.

Til then, may God bless America and God bless Sarah Palin.

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