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Just hukin along!

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I enjoyed the new show "HUCKABEE" on Fox news Governor Huckabee is a pastor, governor and now has a great show on TV!

He had a great theme, civil discussions.

And I enjoyed it.

One reason he did not do well in the presidential run, no one knew him.

He still hung on longer than anyone besides the man who won.

Why is the only good TV, political?

I am so tired of political ads.

I will vote for big John.

He was a great warrior and still fights for this country.

He will never quit!

If this country gives up on him, he will go down in flames once more and still fight for all of us.

I am even impressed with his VP.

When the election is over win, lose, or draw, we have not heard the last from this lady.

I have listened to the Obamanation, and it sure sounds like he will lead this country into socialism, or communism.

I wonder if the starry-eyed lovers of this new faith will stay on the wagon, and blindly ride it into ruin, and the end of all the things both us and our forefathers have died for.

Does any one really think the government can take away our money and spend it wisely?

Will the government buy a pair of shoes, just like you always wanted?

When the government decides which business should survive, what food and clothes you should have, what is that called?

It is not called Democracy!

When your new government is formed, look closely, see if it has changed.

See if you still have rights.

Sadly, I think you will have less rights.

They will not be taken away, with great fanfare or parades.

Your rights will be taken in a congress with the lowest approval rating in history, led by your own elected crooks!

I get unhappy when the president is bashed.

He has kept us safe for his term.

See if the next elected leader can say the same!

If he were running again, I would vote for him again!

Let all who disagree watch the next four years.

When I went to vote the voting place had curb side voting.

I sat in the car, and a nice lady brought me a ballot, took all my information and registered my vote.

I am old and crippled, but some how I voted. I did my duty, my best.

Can you say the same?

Yes, I will watch as long as I can, and yes, I just had my eyes examined and they are still good.

I take care of my eye so I can look out for you with JON’S VU!!!

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