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By the time this issue of The Ellis County Press hits your doorstep, the election will have been determined, unless, of course, the Democrats lost. In that happy case, after the riots in Chicago and Detroit have subsided, the ding dong from South Chicago and the bad’en from New England will have thought up at least a dozen reasons why they were "cheated" out of yet another presidency.

On the other hand,if the polls turn out to be right this year, and after the destructions and burnings of celebration have subsided in South Chicago and Detroit, we can be assured the Good Lord will remain on his Heavenly Throne.

Not only that, the Bible will still be true and prayer will still be heard.

We can rest assured God will not be taken by surprise by such a turn of events as America having its first genuine socialist president.

As a matter of fact, the situation would be a fulfilment of Biblical prophesy.

Still, I do pray Sarah Palin will have been able to lift John McCain to victory and delay that particular prophesy for a time.

Regardless of which candidate has come out on top, it is an unmistakable fact war has been waged on Christian people of faith, against conservatives, and people who believe in the traditional values established in our beginnings.

If you believe in the sanctity of life, the Second Amendment, or the free enterprise system, war has and continues to be waged on you and your ilk. Are you a poor loser, Simmons? Probably, but I’m also a proponent of the Jack Webb (my name’s Friday) school of thought; "just the facts, ma’am."

And the facts are that war has been declared on you if smaller government, less spending, keeping more of what you’ve earned, and wishing government would just leave us alone are on your Christmas list each year.

The war is brought to us on a number of fronts. Close to the top would be the dumbing-down taking place in our institutions of learning.

From kindergarten to post-graduate school, our youth is being fed about the same thing as the old Soviet Union fed its youth.

Sorry, but a Godless (unless your god is secular humanism) ... a godless education shorts our youth of a key essential. Their perspective has been just about eliminated.

So, instead of analyzing candidates straight up, the ploy of emotionalism now finds our youth—going back quite a number of years, now.

Another major front is, of course, the media.

It’s bad enough if small-town media’s primary motivation is the bottom line, but major media has become an organ of propaganda, political, and extremely biased toward socialism and a proponent for those who push it.

Government itself has become its own biggest supporter.

Fanny Mae and Freddy Mack are two prime examples currently.

Deeper down, anti-free people seems written in many of its laws and regulations and, of course, rules handed down from our courts was not a foundational concept.

Probably the worst theater of this war against the American people is the theater of our own ignorance and its side-kick lackadaisicalism.

It seems we have forgotten who we are and what we’re about—and don’t seem to give a hoot if we are all of those. Maybe we have a case of being willingly ignorant...

Maybe Pogo had it right all along, "We have found the enemy and it is us."

Yes, we have willingly sent our children to the Godless institutions of learning, never lifting a hand or voice to get the condition corrected.

Schools of journalism would be included, and we have sent our children there to learn how to do their evil deeds... professionally.

We have urged them to get into politics or to get a government job, never taking the time to warn them of the pitfalls.

And we have not insisted on our children learning how to think for themselves, except maybe in the choice of attire or music.

Yes, a part of this war on the American people is being self inflicted. We have discovered the enemy and it is us. May God bless.

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