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House cleaning

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The Democratic Party declared war on George W. Bush after his narrow 2000 victory for president and hasn’t let-up since.

The problem is that Bush either has been unaware of the intensity of this warfare or thinks it is politics as usual.

Whatever it is, George W. Bush has been accused of everything negative in this world for the last eight years... including the causing of hurricanes and the so-called Global Warming.

Now, in perhaps the most important election of our lifetime, the blame-game being waged against Bush has spread to include John McCain and Sarah Palin.

And, of course, the media has gone along, big-time, in this quest to wrest the presidency from the Republicans and give it to the party embracing their ideal... socialistic government.

Bush has seemingly missed seeing what was going on; has missed recognizing the warfare being waged against him, but especially against the philosophy of the grassroots making up the majority of his party, the Republicans.

So now the war is continuing, even being up-scaled against McCain and Palin ... and it appears McCain (not Palin) is making the same miscalculation as Bush. McCain refers to it as bipartisanship.

Somehow, this underestimation of one’s enemy has to go back to some kind of hidden pride; thinking one’s enemies will rush to your side after the election is over. Actually, it is foolishness and naiveté.

Naive, in my American Heritage Dictionary, says ‘...implies a detached quality of a person either actually or seemingly unconcerned about, or unaware of, the reaction of others.’ So, Bush—and now McCain think they can work with the Democrats.

How does one go about working with killer bees?

The Democrats seem willing to lose a war in order to win an election... or to crash Wall Street via their greediness, then blame the other side for the crash.

The depth to which political wars can sink is seemingly, with the New York Times, incalculable.

Kenneth R. Timmerman spells it out shockingly in his latest expose, Shadow Warriors, The Untold Story of Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender.

Rush Limbaugh said of this book, "Incredible because its scairy—our own institutions undermining our own efforts against a genuine enemy—[Timmerman] names names—We’re going to have to get this book in the hands of a lot of people—It’s going to shock a lot of people." For example, a female assistant secretary of state under Colin

Powell was quoted, "Well, Senator Kerry received the second highest number of votes of any presidential candidate in history.

"If just one state had gone differently, Senator Kerry would be President Kerry today."

Timmerman added, "Her employees owed no allegiance to the president of the United States, especially not to politics they knew were wrong, she said. If it was legal, and it would slow down the Bush juggernaut, they would do it, she told them."

Another glaring example told of in Timmerman’s book had "...the Pentagon was filled with mid- and top-level managers who hated Bush and secretly worked to undermine the policies of his administration.

At a time when the president was fighting against sagging opinion polls because of the war, for example, a Democratic Party political hack was chosen to run the critical Coalitions for the War office. Her boss, Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman—one of the architects of the Iraq War and a former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney—felt she shouldn’t be judged on her political opinions." This "lady" had openly boasted of voting against Bush ... twice.

So, with the office of Secretary of State and with the Pentagon having bureaucrats working against you... and with the media working hand in hand to muddy your name, is it any wonder Bush and now McCain and Palin appear to be in trouble.

Republicans need to wake up and smell the roses, they need to get over their naivete, clean house on their first day in office.

Local Republicans should read Timmerman’s book, take notes, and do some house cleaning of their own.

If not, we lose. May God bless.

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