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Reasons not to vote for Barack Obama

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Here are 10 (well, perhaps a few more) of my reasons not to vote for Barack Hussein Obama, and they are not listed in order of importance, at least to me.

1. He’s a racist. For more than 20 years Obama attended Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ where the main theology was that of James Cone, which featured a racist screed called Black Liberation Theology.

"What the black community wants," according to Cone, "is for God to assist in its goal of destroying "the white enemy." Then, after a fair amount of unsavory press, Obama apologizes for and separates himself from the same friends he aligned himself with mere months earlier.

We need only consider Obama’s remarks about Reverend Jeremiah Wright as his mentor, then the exposure of Trinity United Church and Obama’s subsequent denouncement of Wright’s anti-American speech to recall the pattern.

Also, he has yet to acknowledge fully his association with Louis Farrakhan, the anti-American, racist, anti-semite Black Muslim, yet it is well documented that he had a leadership role in Farrakhan’s Million Man March.

2. He’s not patriotic. In an election, we naturally compare one candidate to another. One candidate doesn’t wear a flag pin. One candidate doesn’t hold his hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance. One candidate has no military experience.

One candidate’s idea of foreign policy is to negotiate with enemies who wish to obliterate our existence and that of Israel. Someone who loves our country, who values our history, and who has proven that he is ready to die to serve our country, should fill the role of the president.

Someone who honors and respects the country her husband serves should similarly fill the role of the First Lady. It doesn’t count when your patriotism begins just as your husband enters the presidential campaign.

If Obama’s friends don’t derail his campaign, his own wife and life partner surely should.

3. He’s an un-American extremist. Indeed, much of Obama’s primary campaign has been fraught with various allies from Obama’s past and present dancing into the media spotlight.

Then, after a fair amount of unsavory press, Obama apologizes for and separates himself from the same friends he aligned himself with mere months earlier.

Typical of this is his association with unrepentant terrorists William Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn of Weather Underground fame. Obama says it was a passing relationship, however, an examination of the facts tends to discredit that since they served together on the boards of the Woods Foundation for about four years as well as the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge for almost a similar amount of time.

Also, his first fundraiser for political office was held in the apartment of William Ayres. He admits in his books he sought out the most extreme associates, exclusively on the left. I guess one can lay that off to his mentoring in Hawaii from Frank Marshall Davis, an known America-hater and member of the Communist Party USA. Perhaps people don’t put much stock in these associations, but I sure do.

4. He’s a skilled orator, but with no meaning. A public speaker as smooth as Obama will inspire fans on his own talents. Let’s remember, however, that Barack Obama was a lawyer before he became a senator.

And, like most lawyers, his words are best when rehearsed. However, Obama crumbles under pressure, and his improvised remarks typically fall flat or offend. We need only recall the fallout from the "bitter small-town Americans", "typical white person," campaigning in all 57 states, and "Can’t I just eat my waffle?" to recall Obama’s propensity to fumble the ball when he’s running an un scri pted play with no playbook in sight. It’s one thing to offend foreign, enemy nations during wartime; offending majority populations of the country you want to represent is another, especially as you vie for their vote in November.

Judging from the multitude of politically incorrect missteps in his primary campaign, Obama seems to think that he doesn’t need votes from entire segments of the population; namely, the middle of the country.

This blatantly blasé attitude must cost him the election to teach Democrats that conservative minds will not be discounted.

5. He’s a far-left socialist, Marxist. No matter the political affiliation of a sitting president, his job is to appease the majority of his constituents, the American public.

Radical liberals clamor for our next president to be a polar opposite to George W. Bush; conservatives know that accomplishing this won’t automatically fix the ills that plague our country.

The checks and balances within our legislature make any change a gradual one, over many years. Amid a tenuous situation in the Middle East, too liberal a response by our next president casts the United States as lily-livered pansies, too afraid of hurting feelings to eradicate terrorism.

Extreme left-wing Democrats either don’t realize this or don’t care, and Obama is their man. If he gets into office, small-town typical white Americans had better cling to their guns and religion, because Obama will muck up civilian rights to both.

6. He is lacking in experience. The presidency is fraught with unique challenges, however, ones that can’t be adequately prepared for in any branch of the government.

In the business world, even the best candidates from upper management must pay their dues before aspiring to become CEO. The team captain must prove his or her leadership potential over several seasons to earn that ‘C’ on a uniform.

In every other successful realm of the American culture, experience yields a top leadership position.

Why should the presidency, the most historically esteemed and influential position in the country if not the world, be any different? Obama’s inexperience lands him into trouble with his improvised remarks and shaky responses to tough issue-based questions. His inexperience causes him to make crucial errors and oratory missteps under pressure. He is simply not ready. One example is his statement that our troops were bombing villages and killing civilians. Truly disgraceful for a man aspiring to be president.

7. He is lacking in judgment. Nothing is more illustrative of this than Obama’s association with convicted felon and slumlord Tony Rezko, who helped Obama get his $1.65 million mansion in Chicago. Most people think Rezko is Italian; however, the fact is he is Syrian, born in Allepo, Syria’s second largest city. Through five elections Obama depended on Rezko’s fundraising to mount his campaigns. Rezko is also tied to several men with connections to Saddam Hussein. According to Jerome Corsi’s book, The Obama Nation, one of the men, Nadhmi Auchi was a cousin of Saddam, an international arms dealer, and "served as Saddam’s principal international financial manipulator and bag man."

Two men were up to their necks in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fiasco. Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson were both CEOs for Fannie Mae and raked in over $150 million in salary and bonuses during their tenure there. Both have had ethical charges made against them including cooking the books at Fannie to maximize executive bonuses. Yet both of these men are top financial advisors to the Obama campaign.

Another element of this is his stated intention to sit down with some of the world’s dictators and negotiate without precondition. He has stated that Iran and Venezuela are small countries and pose no real threat to America. This is a serious flaw in a flawed candidate.

8. He is opposed to the Second Amendment. If there is anything on which I tend to be a single issue voter it is the Second Amendment. I view this as a window into a candidate’s soul, a barometer, regarding their view of liberty. Obama tries to mask his hostility toward the Second Amendment stating he’s in favor of hunting and sport shooting. However, this disingenuous language is betrayed by his other statements about gun control such as his support for the District of Columbia in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller where the Supreme Court clearly stated the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, not a collective right to arm a militia. Both the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America have tagged Obama as "a committed anti-gunner."

9. His judicial appointments would be a disaster. Judicial activism and a belief in "a living Constitution" have wreaked havoc with our nation’s foundations and institutions. What we need are judges that interpret the law, not legislate from the bench. Obama states his criteria for judicial appointments would be "somebody who’s got the wisdom, the heart, the empathy to be a young teenage mom … what it’s like to be poor, African-American, or gay, disabled or old." Obama favors Justices the ilk of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, or Stephen Breyer. He has stated Clarence Thomas does not have the intellect to be a Supreme Court Associate Justice, yet the record shows Thomas has had far superior experience in the law profession than Obama who has never tried a case. Oh, he appeared in court, introduced himself and his client, then stepped aside to let other lawyers do the talking. This was according to reports in the Chicago Sun Times.

10. He’s a tax-and-spend liberal. Barack Obama is a firm believer in the Marxist philosophy of income redistribution. His stated intention to increase taxes "except on the wealthiest of Americans" is pure hogwash. It’s a fact that the top 50 percent of American wage earners already pay over 97 percent of income taxes while the bottom of the income scale actually get refunds without paying a penny. His proposed tax plan would raise taxes on dividends to 40 percent, reinstate the death tax, raise the capital gains tax to 28 percent, and hike the tax on married people making $60,000 from $9,000 to $16,800. His large spending ideas would dictate tax increases across the board. Additionally, he has proposed an initiative to alleviate global poverty, especially in Africa, and to fund the $845 billion cost with America’s treasure. Yet, in spite of all his professions of concern for "the little guy," he has a half-brother living in Kenya in a small hut surviving on $12 per year, and Senator Obama has lifted neither a finger nor a check to help him out. This is hypocrisy at its worst.

Add to all this his anti-Israel bent, his endorsement by Palestinian terrorist groups such as Hamas, Communists such as Fidel Castro, his staff peopled with anti-Israeli zealots such as Samantha Power or Robert Malley – who was fired when it was revealed he had been holding talks with Hamas, his radical pro-abortion views including killing a child born alive, not to mention his staff being far left and displaying, in at least one of his campaign offices, a flag with the likeness of Che Guevara, and you have a candidate with a very sordid past and a philosophy unlike the mainstream of America.

In every endeavor, Barack Obama has flouted the intellect of the constituents whose vote he aims to obtain. He’s dazzled his starry-eyed followers with well-crafted speeches that render them vociferously loyal; in cult-like fashion, they zealously support Obama to all who will listen. Separate Obama from his gilded memorized passages, and his words clang jarringly and offend like chalk scraping across a blackboard at twilight. Pin him in a corner with tough questions on issues and his allies, and he strikes like a caged animal trapped in a corner. Obama’s speeches act like a mirror through which radical liberals see exactly what they want in their next president. It is up to the rest of us to peer behind the veneer and see Obama for the inexperienced, unsavory presidential candidate he is.

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