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Sheriff Andy Taylor would have the solution. Simple. He would take all of McCain’s bullets away from him, save one, which John would have to button away in a shirt or jacket pocket, not to be removed without express consent.

So what’s the problem with McCain having ammunition in his arsenal?

Well, fellow observer, surely you’ve noticed how John tends to shoot himself in the foot, every other day now, it seems, same as Barney would have done if left to his own devices concerning the firing off of ammunition on his own volition.

For instance, just heard on Rush, or maybe Hannity, how he (McCain) would appoint Al Gore to head a global warming department, or whatever, in his administration. I understand how John likes to give lip service to bipartisanship but, John, foxes and henhouses don’t mix; are definitely not a match.

Other foot-shots include his heavy leanings toward Pennsylvanian Tom Ridge or Democrat/Independent Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, as VP announcement time drew near.

Maybe you’ll remember his sidling up with some other Liberal/Democrat on the so-called Campaign Reform Act (a bill having the effect of muffling anyone who had anything negative to say about candidates, as election time drew near). So much for the First Amendment, eh McCain?

Need to keep those worthless incumbents in office above all…

McCain seems gripped with the "maverick" tag he or someone else has applied to him, his ideas, his legislative actions, or whatever. John, you need to get over it.

America doesn’t need an "unbranded, motherless calf" for president. This fondness for the tag is also tatamount to shooting oneself in the foot.

Maybe it has something to do with living out West in Arizona or something, the maverick-thing hang-up, but teaming with Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy of Taxachusetts on education policy is shooting yourself in the foot after just shooting the big toe of the other foot on wrong-headed border-policy thinking.

Hey John…and George W for that matter, any policy agreed on by liberals with the word "comprehensive" attached is to be shunned. Forever.

And forget about the bipartisanship-thing, John. It’s a trap you’ve fallen into that has to do with giving up one side’s principles, namely ours, in order to pass the liberal’s agenda. It’s something a fool (or maverick) would fall into. Go with teamwork…and if you get no co-operation, whip their derriere. That’s the way we did it down at Forreston.

Digressing for a minute…after reading the little book entitled "Sarah" (about Governor Palin of Alaska), she would have been a perfect fit on Forreston girls’ basketball teams of the 40’s and 50’s.

Although they never quite achieved the state championship, as did Sarah’s senior team, they were able to make the state tournament, finishing third one year…and as the smallest school to ever make it that far. Sarah ‘Barracuda’ Palin would have been a model Forreston Tiger.

So, what about bullets, or the lack thereof, for dishing out to John ‘Maverick’ McCain? Well, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska should be the stand-in for Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, who limited Barney’s bullets (to one).

Sarah is strongly pro-Second Amendment, knows how to hunt, how to shoot, is aggressive, (is pretty), understands the dirtiness of politics, but knows how to win against odds in that arena, (is very pretty) and should limit John McCain to one bullet every once in a while.

Let Sarah (who is gorgeous, really) do the shooting, John. You just be the real war hero running for president, sporting a glamorous blond wife who, by the way, has a good head on her shoulders, as well.

These alone should be enough to whip the liberals’ Sen. Obama Lama Ding Dong of South Chicago and Sen. Joe" Baden" of Delaware’s derrieres.

Please do not misconstrue my critique of Sen. McCain as supplying motivations for going elsewhere with your Presidential vote. Without Palin, maybe, but the Alaskan governor is in there making a real and genuine difference. She will be the next-in-line, if they win. And you husbands and fathers know how the feminine touch comes with suggestions. That’s very good for this McCain/Palin team…

By the way, I would never suggest voting for Obama to anyone under any circumstances.

True Americans and informed would never do so. Voting for some third party candidate would be tatamount to doing just that.

May God bless.

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