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A real American woman

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There is one main reason for voting the Republican Ticket this year, which…by the way…said-vote will take place a mere 32 days away from when you unfold this week’s edition of The Ellis County Press.

But we really need to get this vote-point established in our mind, so as not to drift off into some "alternate" voting pattern that will very possibly launch America into the closest thing to Marxism/Socialism since the first year of Jamestown (1607).

If you will recall, in our high school American History class, the first settlers at the Jamestown, Va. settlement decided to do everything in common, especially sharing the harvest.

It mattered not whether one shared in the labor, for everyone has the right to eat (or, in Socialist/Marxist/Communist vernacular, found in much of today’s Washington and amongst serious liberals, everyone has the right to get a loan and buy a house).

Never mind if your credit stinks or your record of paying creditors is non-existent.

The survivors of that first Jamestown year got over the Socialist/Communist idea in a double-quick hurry.

I’m sure they were familiar with 2 Thessalonians 3:10, "For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat."

Now, 400 years later, American citizens and taxpayers will probably have to bail out, (to the tune of a trillion dollars or so), the formerly humongous private banks, along with the quasi-governmental Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack because our government forgot the lesson of 1607-08 Jamestown, geographically located a mere 150 miles down the road from Washington, DC.

In so doing, a massive transfer of power from the people to the central government in Washington will have taken place, from which we will probably never recover. So much for individual freedom and liberty…

Now, as to the voting for some third or fourth party candidate, please remember Texan Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate in 1992, drew 19 percent of the national vote.

By exercising our "maverick" vote that year, we, in essence, ushered-in Slick Willie Clinton as president for eight dismal years, something we’ve not recovered from to this very day (as we continue to discover the major financial-system change allowed under his watch, leading to the current crippling Wall Street crisis).

Read Duff Hale’s columns for particulars on that major change – something we (thought) we had permanently removed after the stock market crash of 1929.

So, what is the "one main reason" for voting Republican in 2008?

I contend that one main reason is wrapped up in a lady, a real and genuine American lady: Sarah Palin.

With five children, she is a proven pro life candidate (remember the Biblical and our American creed of "Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness").

That first word (Life) has no better de scri ption than that of "Pro Life."

Though it might be a stretch to find "Pursuit of Happiness" in the Bible, we can definitely find "Property" in there (which is the word replaced by Jefferson with "pursuit of happiness" in our Declaration of Independence. Remember the Children of Israel were escaping slavery and journeying to "The Promised Land" (property).

Sarah Palin is a serious (Christian) Believer, is pro life, is a defender of private property, is a believer in downsizing government, is a believer in fighting corruption, even if it’s found in one’s own political party, is not a liar, knows how to be a commander in chief (as in the Alaska National Guard), has to believe in women’s rights, is a believer in government of, by, and for the people, is a natural leader and stands boldly next in line, should (President) McCain, in most any way stumble.

Sarah Palin is a real American woman…and will be supported by real American men all along the way [for that is our duty as (Christian) men toward women battling for right and for the faith].

We can do no less.

And you can bet she will be attacked all along the way, for the opposition knows who the real threat to their power is…and it ain’t no political party is it?

May God bless.

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