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Look and see! See Sarah run!

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Uncanny is the word for how senator Barack H. Obama, his VP choice (old senator what’s his name from yet-another New England state), the N.O.W. (National Organization of Woe to Man), Democrat stalwarts (the back-room boys), plus the bought and paid-for Driveby Media received the news of Governor Sarah Palin being selected as Republican choice for running mate to Senator John McCain.

I think I know the why to their response.

It’s simple, really, when you think about it.

Let us go back to Election Year 2000.

You remember the hanging chads down in certain sections of Florida…and Al Gore of Tennessee running hard as the Democrat candidate for Prez.

There are those who think Gore was selected to try and prove a Democrat running for president could still carry a Southern state.

They did not, could not, cannot, and will not again in ’08, I predict.

You will recall Gore as the man who "invented the internet."

Since then, he has also invented man-caused global warming and carbon footprints for free-wheeling liberals who need an out for their 40-room mansions and multiple, mammoth (probably foreign) SUV’s.

Al Gore failed to carry even his home state, for we all know how Southerners generally recognize liars and phonies, so the home folks in the Volunteer State turned him down in ’00.

Then, along rolls Election Year 2004.

George W. Bush is still President, running for another term, much to the chagrin of all those in paragraph one above.

Desperation reigned, so the Demos came up with another of their ‘brilliant’ ideas: "Let us select some solemn and long-faced ‘war veteran’ as our choice," said they.

"And…I know…I know…let us select one from old New England. That should do it!"

Uh huh…

As it turned out, a Harvard Political Science Ph.D., name’o Jerome Corsi, along with a Swift Boat Veteran from Houston, John O’Neill, collaborated on the best seller, Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Against John Kerry.

Kerry did manage to carry his New England home state of Massachusetts, but GW remained in the Oval Office, thanks to the Red States.

Kerry’s military foray into Southeast Asia for future political prospects had backfired.

Incidentally, Jerome Corsi has another best seller this election cycle tabbed, The Obama Nation, Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.

You’d best pick it up, no matter what your political persuasion.

So, here we are again, Election Year 2008.

George W. can’t…and probably wouldn’t want to run again for the top job…even if he could. John McCain got the nomination and was drifting along toward a probable November defeat, as he pondered Lieberman and/or Ridge for his VP when, up jumps a barracuda; Sara (barracuda) Palin, that is.

The selection has to be classified somewhere in the minor miracle category, at the least (Thank you, Lord.)!

To the Democrats and their crowd, it would have to be classified over in the major moaning category, eh Obama?

Why is that?

Well, looking back at 2000 and 2004, then again at this year’s Democrat selection, it’s obvious those people can only come up with those from the liar and phony catagories.

There are no other choices from the party of "choice."

Hey, internet inventors, Swift Boat war heroes, and now a community organizer…whatever that is.

Has anyone been to South Chicago lately to look and see how much better that section of the Windy City is since Obama organized it?

He probably got a few voter registrations, but only from those who were sure to vote for him down the line.

Plus, Obama might have jumped through appropriate hoops to qualify him for mega bucks from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mack…if you’ve been watching FOX and get my drift.

Actually, liberals and Democrats must surely lust for such an exciting candidate as Palin.

Such an impact! Such movement created!

Look Dick! Look Jane! Look Obama and Pelosi! Look and see! See Sarah run!

But due to the extremism in Democrats of recent years, that brand of political animal is now extinct from their camp.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, and from the party of tree huggers, snail darters, and global warming conservationists (per their claim).

May God bless.

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