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Third parties and the 2008 election

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Paul Richard Strange

We, the People, have a chance to make America better this election cycle.

We live in a new and amazing century when we can communicate to each other without bipartisan restrictions…...unless we wait until they ban our freedoms!

The Republicans and the Democrats have maintained power for so long that it is very, very difficult for most citizens to actually believe in the real possibility of someday electing members to the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, or to the White House, without the money, free media exposure, and bipartisan political incest which has arbitrarily prevented citizen movements from ever gaining momentum.

Two United States Senators have been at the forefront of restricting the First Amendment liberty of American citizens from even maintaining our right to voice grassroots political ideas.

They have enacted their censureship of political advertisements that inside-the-Beltway bigwigs don’t like:

(1) Democrat Sen. Feingold of Wisconsin; and

(2) Republican Sen. McCain of Arizona.

Together, these two elected officials pushed through ‘McCain-Feingold’ which has been opposed by people as diverse as grassroots prolife Conservative Republicans, the American Civil Liberties Union and the Democratic Party of California!

When groups of your fellow citizens as different as these sense a serious threat to your constitutional right to speak your mind, it is time to quit going along and getting along with inside the Beltway power-mongerers of the two major parties!

Your president signed this horrid legislation, in spite of promising to veto any such bill, when he ran for the privilege of serving as our President.

Maybe you feel that is hopeless, for all practical purposes, to give time, money, and energy to third parties, since they do not enjoy the luscious benefits of the insider bipartisan elite.

But, PLEASE reconsider!

The fact is we now have tools Americans never had before!

You can ensure freedom for your kids and grandkids by helping third parties become effective voices to make sure more than the bigwigs are representated in the government of this wonderful Nation we we all love.

We ask you to pick a third party and give it some money.

Then, TELL all your friends and relatives in the two bigwig parties what you did and why!

Even though we agree with you that third parties have severe handicaps which the bigwigs elite parties never worry about, you can STILL challenge their disrespect for YOU and your values!

Consider these realities in our precious America:

(1) The enormous checks to the national Democratic Party and to the national Republican Party from organizations who absolutely are eternally unwilling to protect our borders can ONLY be challenged by YOUR unwillingness to take it any longer!;

(2) ONLY if you communicate to the bigwig party officials that you are ready to support a third party, will you have any voice at all in the policies of our government……even if you stay in the bigwig parties!

Do you, as a grassroots Democrat, have confidence in a national party machine that would punish your fellow Democrats in Michigan and Florida just for wanting to choose when they get to cast their primary ballots? Is that right for the stuffy elites to dictate that voters who don’t bow down and kiss their rear ends are flat out of luck at the ballot box?

Do you, as a grassroots Republicans, actually believe Sen. McCain really gives a rat’s hind parts about the concerns of heartland Conservatives?

This is the Information Age!

This is no longer the time when you are powerless to accept the stale leftover partially digested breadcrumbs of the bigwigs of the two national parties who have given us a constant supply of inflation, corporate welfare, rising national debt, disregard for the Bill of Rights, or even the right of citizens of a State to decide when to hold their own elections, for crying out loud!

Even if you cannot bring yourself to actually vote outside the grossly limited boundaries set for you by the bigwigs of the national committees of the two major political parties, at least realize you CAN change their attitudes, if you will only tell your respective party bosses you won’t take it any more!

They will NEVER listen to you, or even respect you as a human being, unless YOU take charge of your life and declare your independence from the over-bearing bigwigs of the two major parties.

If you DO, they will change: if you DO NOT, you may end up selling your children and grandchildren to a world where professional politicians govern every part of their lives….and limit your right to even say anything about it!

TRUTH: We are NOT slaves to the two bigwig parties! We are Americans!

TRUTH: We CAN change the disgusting corruption even though they have the money and the privileges!

TRUTH: We MUST safeguard our First Amendment rights, and take a stand for the values that the bipartisan elite wants to permanently silence.

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