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Proof in the pudding

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There are windows of opportunity taken advantage of, then there are windows of opportunity where the players don’t seem to have a clue they’re even in a desperate, life and death contest.

The proof is in the pudding, you know.

Republican office-holders along with their state and national organizations (Republican National Committee, RNC, Republican Party of Texas, RPT, etc.) have flubbed opportunity after opportunity to grab-hold of and secure the confidence of voters, yet it has been as if they’re sleep-walking.

And, as far as selecting candidates is concerned, you’d think the game was a beauty contest rather than the life and death struggle in which we now find ourselves.

Instead of an initial list of candidates resting solidly in the hands of sturdy, concerned, regular, willing-to-be-active citizens (in other words, in the hands of We the People), that decision process has been seized by professional political players, special interests, or simply left up to the highly ambitious individual himself who craves the spotlight and approves of the chief executive pay scale range to which elected officialdom has elevated itself…and he (or she) simply pays the filing fee to get their name placed on the ballot.

What a fine mess we’ve allowed ourselves to get into, eh fellow Ollie-American?

But wait, up jumped a rabbit.

And what a lovely and beautiful rabbit it is.

Yes, our floundering, aimlessly driven War-Hero candidate, of the only large-enough-to-win conservative party, was in a heap of trouble, much of it the result of repeatedly shooting himself in the foot…and tending highly to shoot himself there again (with a Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut or a Gov. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania as his VP choice).

So what happened to avert another, probably fatal this time, shot to the foot?

Well, I believe there is at least one powerful and/or influential McCain advisor close to the Hero who told him the truth. His truth would have been along the lines of, "Johnny-Boy, if you really want to have even a Chinaman’s-Chance of winning the Lollapalooza and becoming the Big Enchilada, forget about those guys.

If you’re seriously the maverick you claim to be, how about selecting the first woman to be on a Republican Prez-VPrez ticket…and a real woman who is a genuine fighting-conservative; choose you this day a Sarah Barracuda!"

Who that wise and powerful individual on McCain’s inner circle is, remains to be seen.

But whoever he (or she) is, that person knew McCain would be a loser with a McCain-Lieberman or McCain-Ridge ticket.

Too many of the grassroots who helped form the bedrock-conservative Republican platform over the last 25 – 30 years would be so discouraged, yet again, as to not show up on election day…and, further, would not encourage and excite their circle of friends and relatives to the critical importance of this historic election.

And so he did select the first woman to adorn the Republican ticket.

I believe that singular act rescued his presidential bid…totally and without a doubt.

"The Obama Nation" mob has hated this choice from almost the very announcement.

Once they realized this lady was the genuine article, whose kind cancelled out the genuine phony and imposter, whom theirs was, they have hated her with a vengeance.

So have the ObamaMob’s side-saddle friends, the Media.

The alphabet soup networks’ obvious bias will very likely cause a backlash so intense as to drive away fringe Obama support and will likely cause solid Americans in the middle to flock to the polls in support of McCain-Palin.

I believe Americans who pray or who believe in prayer (but possibly don’t regularly) were praying a prayer they didn’t know for a person they had never heard of to come riding in to the rescue so they would really have a choice for a change.. So, in slid Sarah (Barracuda) Palin with hubby and children-five on an Alaskan snowmobile.

Know of anything more unlikely?

However, no matter how out of the ordinary this VP selection might at first appear, it bothers me less to think of a possible "President Palin" than, really, to even contemplate a President McCain, certainly a (ugh) president Obama Lama Ding Dong of South Chicago or a President Joe Biden of Delaware.

If the McCain-Palin ticket does succeed in carrying the (election) day, troubles lay ahead.

Oh, it’s a lead-pipe cinch the so-called major media will be heavily on their case for the next four – eight – 12 – or 16 years (eight for McCain and eight for Palin), but possibly even as bad for the Establishment Republicans because Sarah Palin has and will continue to define what Real Republicans are (which is not what too many of them have been…since, at least, the Reagan years).

It’s about time! May God Bless.

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