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Dramatic scenarios

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Jerome Corsi’s expose’ on Obama Lama Dingdong, The Obama Nation is, in the words of Joe Friday, "Just the facts, ma’am." Unlike liberal authors, Corsi has provided back-up to his facts with a whopping 681 footnotes. I dare you to pick up this book and quickly (before Nov. 4th) read it. Double dare ya… Liberals, socialists, communists, Marxists, Palestinians, and Muslims, all of which Obama is documented to have ties with, maybe even being one or all of himself, leave off with the documentation, expecting their lightweight followers to accept the bull put out by their camp on blind faith.

In the liberal view, bigger lies are oh-so-believable when the voters they’ve developed over the years don’t check them out on any point whatsoever. We’ve seen who those voters are, in at least the last two elections (2000 and 2004). If there’s any doubt, simply look at a U.S. map broken down into red (conservative) and blue (liberal) States. Then, by studying those maps, when they’ve been further expanded into red and blue counties, little doubt remains as to who’s not paying attention.

Actually, it may not be that voters from those blue states and counties are not paying attention; maybe it’s a combination of them buying a number of big lies. The number one biggest lie is that the Democrats care about and will elevate people in their hip pockets to previously undreamed of heights.

Blacks have historically voted for Democrats through New Deal, New Frontier and Great Society administrations, all of which have managed only to permanently lock them into the Washington plantation, despite all the bold promises. Though voting Democratic to the tune of 90-something percent each presidential cycle, they themselves have seen little to no improvement in their lot, especially if you listen to their continuing lament.

Another voting block historically attached to the Democrats is the Hispanic/Mexican segment. Though their percentage of voters has been somewhere in the 70 to 80-something percent level, it’s clear many have escaped to America from poverty and corrupt government in their home countries, only to settle here and vote for the Democrats who seem intent on giving them the government and economy they have managed to break away from from. Go figure…

Of course the Yellow Dog Democrats are a big voting block consisting of radical feminists, pro abortion advocates, pro homosexuals, anti gun nuts, peaceniks, radical environmentalists, big central government fools, socialists, communists, Marxists, pro Palestinian/anti Israeli, Holy War-intent Muslims, and most all others who evidently believe God is somewhat dead.

Adding up, this group will come close to fifty percent of the peoples currently residing on American soil. If you are in one of these segments of American society, yet opposed to the above Democratic stances, that is reason enough for you to remove yourself from their voting block…even if you have been one of those wanting to believe Obama’s slick lies.

The paradox attached to Blacks and Mexicans voting for Democrats is that the vast majority of them are opposed (or at least claim they are not in agreement) with the basic tenets promoted by that party, i.e., abortion on demand, radical feminism, anti Second Amendment (gun banning), environmental wackoism, anti God, etc., yet they continue to vote opposite their basic belief system year after year.

Obviously these segments of our American society have bought the lies and have been convinced to vote as they do because of some other point (the Democrats will free them from their basic poverty pattern (by redistribution of wealth…an old communist ploy)…or they are allowing their emotions to direct them, thus falling into the same old trap year after year in their voting pattern.

Yes, I know the Republicans being elected to office do a lot of just plain dumb and ignorant things (like voting themselves hefty pay raises (locally, for instance) year after year). Yes, it’s true, yet the people who generally vote Republican will not allow them to completely fall off the Freedom Wagon into socialism and communism, as have the Democrats currently holding sway in that party.

Eventually, if the Republican-voting faithful holds steady, they will find larger numbers of candidates to run for office who actually believe in their platform of basic traditional American fundamentals and will have the courage to lead in that direction once elected. Sarah (Barracuda) Palin is a prime example.

Democrats, on the other hand, don’t have a chance to do right because their leadership and (written down) platform principles are contrary to those basic traditional American fundamentals.

Authentic Americans who’ve been voting Republican are responsible for convincing John McCain to choose a rock-solid true conservative vice presidential running mate instead of his former more milk toast considerations. Sarah Palin is rock solid and will lift Republican leadership from its former recent stance of cowardice (to do what it says it believes). If not, look for her to resign…sooner or later.

If so, so will a lot of us…

May God bless.

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