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Their hypocrisy knows no bounds

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So, Barack Hussein Obama thinks John McCain is "out of touch" when he doesn’t know he owns seven homes.

My guess is the reason for that is his wife, who is very wealthy in her own right, owns some of them herself.

Regardless, however, I’ll bet the McCains never acquired any of their homes with the aid of a convicted felon.

Hypocrisy abounds where Democrats are concerned.

You never heard John Kerry was out of touch because he and his wife owned multiple homes, uh mansions.

And, they all were available for them to occupy.

Of course, the Kerrys were Democrats.

So, that explains a lot about who’s out of touch and who’s not as far as these hypocrites are concerned.

Then there’s Teddy Kennedy of Chappaquiddick fame.

We know he and his family own multiple homes in some pretty tony spots.

Do Democrats consider him out of touch?

Why of course not!

He’s a Democrat.

A lot of whether or not one is considered "out of touch" has to do with whether or not they’re conservative or liberal.

Liberals can never be out of touch with the "little people."

It’s all about feelings and liberals feel their pain, although they will do everything in their power to shield their money from the tax man knowing full well this extracted wealth will go to benefit the poor.

Shame on them.

Take Nancy Pelosi, for example.

She and her husband are loaded and own several wineries.

Do they pay their poor workers adequately?

Not from what I’ve heard.

Plus, since the Pelosis are so fond of unions, why won’t they employ union labor in their enterprises?

Think it might have to do with the fact they’d have to pay more wages?


They’re Democrats so they never have to apologize.

Besides, she enjoys the government-provided jet in which she can cavort around the country.

On our nickel, no less.

Look at all those Hollywood types; the glitterati.

Most of them are liberals, leftists, socialists or whatever you want to call them.

Most of them live in multi-million dollar estates with fences around them to keep out the riff-raff.

Are they out of touch?

Heck no!

They believe in global warming, keeping all the fishes alive, demagogueing corporations that make our economy go, oil companies, violators of the Clean Air and Endangered Species Acts, all while cavorting around on their private jets.

Then there’s the High Priest of the Burning Planet.

The Right Rev. Albert Gore Jr.

Is he out of touch even though his home burns up more energy than the homes of 22 ordinary Americans?

Heck no!

He’s a Democrat, so he can never be out of touch.

If there’s anything about hypocrites it’s they never seem to acknowledge their hypocrisy.

Then there’s always Barack Hussein Obama as the leader in the field.

Now this dude wants to send $875 BILLION of our tax dollars overseas, primarily to Africa, working through the U.N., to alleviate global poverty.

Well, how wonderful of him.

But, truth be told he could start alleviating a little poverty in his own family.

Seems Sen. Obama has a half-brother, George, living in Kenya in a six foot by nine foot hut.

This he does no about $12 per year in income.

Simple as I am I can equate this to $1 per month income.

Now Barack Hussein Obama earns much more than that.

Heck his wife just got an increase in pay of about $100,000 when Sen. Obama gave her employer a large earmark from the U.S. taxpayer.

Anyway, here’s a dude who is unquestionably wealthy, wants to alleviate global poverty on our nickel, but is too tight to send his poor half-brother $25 which would more than double his annual income.

It might even enable him to expand the size of his hut.

But, no, Sen. Obama ignores the plight of his kinfolks.

Won’t send them a dime to improve their lot.

Now that’s hypocrisy, folks!

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