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Americans have illegals on the run!

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William Gheen

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)


The illegal aliens and their supporters were dealt a massive political blow this past week, when our friends at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released Homeward Bound a new report showing an analysis of US Census data, which indicates that illegal immigration is reversing in America!

The ALIPAC Platform has been proven accurate. Our claim that we need to "Enforce our existing immigration laws" and focus on the four aspects of securing the borders, fining employers, removing taxpayer incentives, and empowering local police to enforce immigration laws, which will lead to a reversal of illegal immigration in America has been proven correct!

The CIS report concluded that more illegal aliens are leaving America than coming in due to increased enforcement of immigration laws. Their findings are that the illegal alien population in America has declined by 1.3 Million or 11 percent since last summer!

The illegal alien supporters were shocked and are attacking the report claiming that it is either not true, true but a bad thing, or the result of the bad economy, instead of enforcement. While our opposition was caught off guard, you can count on them coming back fast with a more cohesive strategy once the shock wears off.

ALIPAC is launching a press release and list of articles that reinforce the CIS study. We manage the largest archive of information in existence about the topic of illegal immigration at www.alipac.us Those of us closest to the information core of the site have seen many articles documenting the movement of illegal aliens away from high enforcement areas to states with weaker enforcement and out of the country. Our release and list of articles will be circulated to the media around the nation on Monday.

For the skeptics out there, we want you to know that we find the research methods of CIS to be sound in this case. Also, the media reports we have compiled are too numerous, and from too many sources, including liberal media writers who support Amnesty for this to be politically manufactured. Even the biased Pew Hispanic Center agrees the illegal alien population is now dropping, although they do not concur with the scale cited by CIS.

Adding to the evidence that illegal immigration is reversing, the Bush administration announced last week that a new pilot program begins in August called "Operation Scheduled Departure", where illegals can sign up to self-deport without facing time in a detention center. The launch of this program acknowledges the mass exodus pressure. Furthermore, Dr. Robert Pastor, who is the top intellectual voice pushing the North American Community, which we call the North American Union, has announced that his dream is collapsing. He cites a perfect storm of opposition from the left and right for the demise of his plans and says the survival of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is in jeopardy! These breaking news stories bode well for our cause! We are starting to win!

We attribute this decline to four factors. One, the Federal government has started some minimal enforcement raids to placate the public outrage, although recent governmental reports indicate our borders are still wide open. Two, a historic number of states have passed legislation to do the job the Executive Branchrefuses to do and mass exoduses of illegal aliens out of states like Georgia, Oklahoma, and Arizona have been confirmed through media reports, activists, and government officials. Three, the bad economy is playing a role along with the decline of the dollars. Four, and most importantly the public backlash against illegal immigration exemplified in the growth of hundreds of organizations like ALIPAC, NumbersUSA, the Minutemen groups, and many others is sending the illegal aliens a clear message to "Vamoos!"

Not all areas of America are seeing the decrease. Many are experiencing an increase in Sanctuary Cities like New Haven, and in states like California and Texas, which is where our top supporters in the fight live! For those in areas where the problem is growing, take heart that the answer for you depends on the success we are seeing in other areas and states. We are coming for you friends; we are fighting our way to you! Keep the faith! Citizen activism lobbying lawmakers, supporting campaigns, and combating the biased media sources has worked!

An important observation that will burn the ears of the illegal alien supporters is that their activities and messages have actually helped our pro-enforcement cause. Leftist smear groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters, the Anti Defamation League, and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) sacrificed their credibility in a desperate move to fight against citizen groups and leaders fighting illegal immigration, instead of focusing on the issue. The Spanish language media in America has embellished their false propaganda even more, while the English media has refused to print most of their attacks due to the glaring inaccuracies in their releases.

The results of their attempt to label any American standing up against illegal immigration as a violent and racist KKK supporting monster has had the unintended result of sending many illegal aliens running back for the border! While it is unfortunate that anyone should falsely be led to believe that Americans would want to physically harm them because of their race, the blame for these scare tactics is with the pro-amnesty groups mentioned above. They tried to exploit America’s reverence for Civil Rights and ended up broadcasting an extremely hostile message to our illegal alien population.

This politically explosive news, of the reversal of illegal immigration, is the greatest victory for our movement since the defeat of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY attempted in the US Senate last year! The false dichotomy (false choice) offered by illegal alien supporters of choosing between Amnesty and mass deportation has been irrevocably shattered.

We now have a modern example of how illegal immigration can be reversed in a humane and gradual way to accompany the historic information from the 1930’s and 1950’s, when revered Presidents Roosevelt and Eisenhower deported illegal aliens and many more left on their own accord.

These findings also shatter the claim from US Senators like McCain, Obama, Kennedy, Graham, Menendez, and others whose "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Amnesty is needed to deal with illegal immigration. I will discuss this more during the Sunday August 3 broadcast of the Last Americans Standing Show on the RBN network.

These findings also prove what has become apparent to most Americans, which is the fact America’s illegal immigration crisis has been caused by the Executive Branch’s violations of oaths of office and the US Constitution by not adequately enforcing our existing immigration laws.

For the first time since ALIPAC was founded, almost four years ago, on 9/11, 2004 our movement is in a position to play offense instead of defense. The illegal alien supporters are in a temporary state of shock and we have the illegals on the run and their main propaganda thrusts in disarray.

Unfortunately, too many Americans remain asleep at the wheel and many good people who have previously supported our groups and efforts are bowing out because of the bad economy, because they are depressed about the Presidential race, and because they hope someone else will win this battle for them. Such a reaction to this good news would be a politically fatal mistake.

Now is the time for us to advance on our opposition. We have the upper hand and they are in retreat.

We must charge forward, before they can regroup!

We have six months until the new Congress and new President are sworn in. We must continue our plans to pass as many state enforcement laws as possible. We must continue to persuade lawmakers and candidates on every level to stand with the 80% of Americans who want immigration enforcement ONLY with no AMNESTY or new legal immigration provisions directed at illegal aliens.

We need you to take immediate action this coming week! Please pursue our opposition as they retreat by posting this article, the CIS report Homeward Bound found at www.CIS.org and the supporting articles ALIPAC is releasing on every website you can locate. We need you sending this information to every media contact in your local area and on the national level. We need every talk radio show in America buzzing with this news next week and we need YOU calling in to talk about it. We need you to distribute copies of this material to every lawmaker near you from city council, to county commission, to police departments, state legislators, members of congress and the senate, and all of their challenger candidates. We need you writing letters to the editor and forwarding e-mails.

Even if you hear more about this through the Main Stream Media, push with vigor to continue the dispersal of this news. We must work very hard together to make sure every American possible receives this news. We must work so tirelessly in defense of our nation that this development for our cause becomes completely entrenched in the future political discussions about illegal immigration. The tide has turned in our favor but now we must advance forward thoughtfully, articulately, and methodically.

With each action you take to support this effort, remember the results are illegal aliens leaving and we can possibly reduce the illegal alien population by another 500,000-1,000,000 in six months! Those on our e-mail alerts list at ALIPAC.us will receive a powerful new tool to help increase the numbers of illegals leaving this coming week.

Our illegal alien supporting opponents will lose supporters for events, rallies, and lobbying efforts, and the Global corporations and Spanish media chains will lose money from the imploding illegal alien markets thus decreasing their political and financial power.

We as Americans have dedicated ourselves to the non-violent and non-racist civic processes to restore the self-governance of America, the Rule of Law, and our nation’s security. We have won a critical battle, but the war is far from over. Knowing when to retreat, dig in, or advance is very important. Today the path is clear. Charge! Illegals Go Home! Illegals Go Home! Illegals Go Home!

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