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It has to be McCain over Obama

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No one can dispute the fact John McCain is a real, genuine war hero.

The real deal.

How he and his fellow POWs survived years of brutal torture to make a stand for this country should move any patriotic American.

On the flip side, as a senator and a presidential candidate, McCain has not been much of a hero to conservatives.

John McCain was definitely not my first choice in this election as I am sure he was not the first choice of many reading this.

Some of his stands and voting have been staunchly conservative on some important issues.

Abortion is one that comes to mind.

Another is reining in out-of-control government spending.

His record, however, leaves a lot to be desired on many others such as immigration.

In fact, he gives the impression he’s actually embarrassed to even be linked to the right wing.

After thinking about it long and hard, I’ve come to the conclusion conservatives need to get behind McCain.

Not reluctantly, showing up on Election Day to vote for him holding our noses, but enthusiastically, talking to our friends and neighbors about how important this election actually is.

We should help the campaign with our money and volunteer for some on-the-ground work.

Barack Hussein Obama is the most extreme left-wing candidate ever to have a chance to become President of the United States, and out of the lackluster field the GOP put forward we ended up with one candidate who has a good chance to beat this empty shirt, no gravitas Democrat.

The guy is a real war hero with a healthy respect for America’s interests and prestige.

McCain was an early supporter of the "surge" which has ended up turning things around in Iraq.

He would, I believe, make a much better commander-in-chief than the other guy.

And, at this time, he’s the best chance we have to salvage the rule of law in this country from the dishonorable judges who substitute their own flawed reasoning for our Constitution.

He has pledged to appoint strict constructionist justices to the Supreme Court and he may have the opportunity to do that multiple times.

The Supreme Court is what makes this such a make-or-break election.

After decades of battling, we’re on the verge of victory in overturning Roe v. Wade and so many other vital issues.

We have a court that actually found the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, not a collective right as the gun-a-phoebes would have you believe.

As of now, six justices on the Court are over 65 and there’s no watertight guarantee that a President McCain could appoint originalist justices and have them confirmed.

But, there’s a decent chance.

If Obama’s elected, there is no chance.

He’ll put enough lousy justices in the courts to guarantee a decades-long reign of the "living Constitution," which means no Constitution at all.

There are a few conservatives who actually see the stakes involved.

We must do what we can.

A Carteresque foreign policy cannot work in an era of a nuclear Iran, but many conservatives are washing their hands of the whole thing.

Oh, they’re willing to criticize Obama for sure but are simply unwilling to say anything positive about McCain.

I’ve for sure got my problems with the man, but given a choice between McCain and Obama, the choice of McCain is clear.

If conservatives sit this one out, or waste their votes on Libertarian Bob Barr, we are setting ourselves up for disaster.

Obama will win for sure.

We can’t afford four years "wandering in the wilderness," purifying our ideals and our party then returning to take power.

We tried that between Goldwater and Reagan but it won’t work again.

There is simply too much at stake.

This is politics, folks, it’s not religion.

Politics is about how power (the overwhelming force of government, which, if abused can destroy us) is used and how it’s to be kept in check.

So, I urge you to get behind McCain so we can defeat Barack Hussein Obama.

Work up some enthusiasm for a real American hero who’s our candidate in November.

Let’s get the job done and then proceed to re-take the seats of power in Congress.

But, first things first.

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