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Race and the media

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Lots of stuff going on, much of which we need to be aware.

Will Rogers was often heard to declare, "All I know is what I read in the papers." Our generation needs, not only to know what we read in the papers, but be able to prove the ‘all we know’ through things like regular perusals of Talk and Christian Radio (if you don’t like Limbaugh, try Michael Reagan), then a checking out of reliable internet sites (WorldNet Daily for example), regular reading of trustworthy authors (Jerome Corsi’s, The Obama Nation would be a good start) and, of course, the 40 or more men who were used to pen the Good Book.

All of the above and more, we need to be about, with our common sense filters turned on high when consulting so-called mainstream media sources.

Otherwise, we might buy-in too easily to the "Drive-Bys," as Rush calls them, that is, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ad nauseum, who are pulling out all the stops to get Obama elected as America’s first black president.

I think media must have some kind of complex in this skin color matter.

Maybe we’ll find out exactly what it is, as time goes by…

Hey, did you pick up on media reporting of the throngs attending Obama’s Left Coast and German campaign stops?

What was it, 200,000 worshipers in Berlin?

Thank you internet news Gateway Pundit for the headline "OBAMA Lures Massive German Crowd With Rock Bands, Brats & Beer!"

Did regular media overlook that ‘minor’ drawing-card point?

And what about the reported 72,000 gathered in Portland who were treated to a popular local band to warm them up prior to the hypnotizing act of the great Obama Lama Ding-Dong?

Liberal Democrats are learning how to draw a crowd to make their Far Left and far out candidates appear to be more popular than they really are (by the way, have you inflated your tires lately?). Far Out!

I just wonder how many from those infatuated throngs would have shown up at Obama events minus the rockers and treats???

Although liberals are strange about needing and establishing a Great White (political) Hope for themselves (Great Black Hope in this case), remove the food, drink and entertainment and they might not have taken the time.

Hey, even we old Bible-thumping "Fundamentalists" can stay home and eat our cheese and crackers (dandelion wine and cheese for the Libs).

By the way, the surface has only been lightly scratched on Obama, as you will discover upon a reading of The Obama Nation by Jerome Corsi.

Don’t mistake my disdain for Obama as a race-thing.

Not at all.

Just off the top of my head I can think of a goodly number of blacks I’d rather vote for instead of the current Republican candidate.

But I’ll grit my teeth and vote for him anyway...for self preservation of what we are supposed to be about as Americans.

Hey, I actually did cast a presidential primary vote for Allen Keys a few years back. I could go for Justice Clarence Thomas or Walter Williams (seen weekly in these pages of The Ellis County Press).

Though I’d probably not go for Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice for President, they make Obama look like a kindergarten kid. Thomas Sowell over at the Hoover Institution would be a dandy, though.

So much for me being racist.

Thomas Sowell has a new book out.

Black Rednecks and White Liberals would probably be a great read on the white racist obsession-thing promoted by Mass Media toward We the People, especially those of us in the so-called Far Right, Fundamentalist, Bible-Thumpin’ segment.

‘Course, most liberals and mass media headquarter up in the Northeast. Since the Bible Belt, the South and Texas are located elsewhere, that liberal section of the country has a natural inclination to, not only dislike (not a big thing to us), but a strong desire to dominate and fleece us.

That, we don’t take to kindly.

I really do understand why a certain segment of folks down here, though claiming to be Christians and conservative, have a strong inclination to vote Democrat, as do most Nor’ easterners nowadays (but for different reasons).

It has to do with what grandpappy said he’d do about disowning any of his’n who ever dared to vote otherwise.

Well, grandpappy was a smart feller who kept up on what was really happening.

If he were still around, he’d still be smart and up on things…and he definitely would not be voting Democrat this year.

May God bless.

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